Architectural Facade IP68 Waterproof DMX512 LED Wall Washer Light 36W 48W 72W 108W


  • Comes with a 1 meter (3.28 ft.) power cable and a 0.5 meter (1.64 ft.) signal cable (XLR3 connector) to connect (link) multiple wall washers together for a synchronous lighting effect!
  • Wall wash lighting apply to commercial building facades lighting, Landscape lighting, Stage lighting, Architectural decorative lighting;
  • The right solution for outdoor applications to light up mansions, theaters, casinos, gardens, bridges, shopping centers, theme parks, entertainment plazas, etc. The possibilities are endless!
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 10 × 10 cm



108W, 36W, 48W, 72W

IP Rate

IP68 Waterproof

Price range:$40.00$70.00 – $24.00, Stock: More than 1000 pieces

Details about Architectural Facade IP68 Waterproof DMX512 LED Wall Washer Light 36W 48W 72W 108W


The DMX and power wires come out the back. This product can be used in architectural settings, both indoors and outdoors, to decorate spaces and to highlight buildings, gardens, restaurants, and even stage sets. This LED wall washer can work in independent mode and DMX mode which has such effects as flashing, fading, steady, seven colors jumping synchronously, etc., 256 class gray degree dimmer, DMX programmable (thousands of effects available if many lights connected together). The head of this wall washer can be rotated up or down a full 180° for greater flexibility.


 RGB DMX512 Protocol LED Wall Washer

Adjustable mounting bracket kit

4mm thick tempered glass protection, waterproof IP68

hIGH POWER led chip, Accept custom length design

Set the DMX address manually

wall light

8 Advantages


1, LED lamp beads, high power brightness, high brightness

2, Conjoined lens, spotlight effect is stronger 

3, Die-casting aluminum, high strength more solid 

4, Tempered glass, good light transmission thickening explosion-proof 

5, Heat dissipation system, super large area heat dissipation  

6, Waterproof sealing rubber plug, waterproof and rainproof 

7, Gluing seal, fully enclosed water seepage prevention 

8, Adjustable angle base, integrated thickened aluminum


Wall washer light Feature


  1.     High-quality die-casting Aluminum light body, oxidized beauty, and good heat dispersing performance. Private mold for all lamp housing.
  2.     Sealing up the tempered glass with silicone gaskets to reach IP67 waterproof rate. No waterproof glue inside of the lamp. You can replace the PCB with LEDs freely once a problem happens.
  3.     Using super-brightness and high power led chips. Built-in constant voltage power supply driver.
  4.     PMMA optical lens. with beam angle 8 -90 degrees. Achieve different floor requests.
  5.      The working voltage is DC 24V or AC110V-240V.
  6.     Single color with steady-on; Auto-control color change synchronously.DMX512 controllable system.
  7.     Long life, up to 45,000 hours.

Apply to Building, indoor or outdoor lights, Flooding for the landscape structure to outstanding building character. Hotels, airport, Metro. etc


Outdoor lighting project: villa lighting, road and bridge lighting, scenic spotlighting, store lighting, exterior wall lighting, widely used in building exterior lighting projects, outlining the high-end lighting effect.

Hotel bank lights commercial buildings, the building area is wide, wall washer light brightness is strong, can meet the lighting requirements of the entire space, so that the night is as bright as day.

Small area villa courtyard lighting enhances the quality of the living environment.

Road and bridge municipal lighting project, strengthen the effect of road lighting so that the city more humane


All kinds of the case DMX LED Wall Washer size

wall light



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No MOQ in MSH, small and large demand are welcome.

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