Outdoor Waterproof 24VDC 30mm 12W DMX RGBW Color Changing IP67 LED Facade Lighting

It is DMX, 48leds/m, SMD 5050 RGBW LED Addressable Lighting.

This LED Light is designed for architectural Facades, bridges,s and so on.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 5 cm


IP Rate

IP65 Waterproof



Price range:$12.00$13.00 – $24.00, Stock: More than 1000 pieces

Details about Outdoor Waterproof 24VDC 30mm 12W DMX RGBW Color Changing IP67 LED Facade Lighting

DMX LED linear light is an intelligent LED lamp controlled by your computer & off-line controller or itself which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be designed for pixel LED screen, stage lighting, Bridge Cable Light, Road fence decoration, and decoration for external wall constructions, etc. LED line lights adopting international standard DMX512 signal as the control protocol, It can achieve RGB color running water, scanning, jumping, gradient changing, flicker, and other effects.


  • The lamp outdoor lighting body is made of aviation aluminum 6063-T5, anodized and hardened, corrosion-resistant, high strength, and no deformation. The color silver and black for the lamp body.
  • The lampshade adopts imported PC material, the light transmittance is up to 92%, it is resistant to ultraviolet rays, and it does not cause aging problems such as yellowing and cracking. It can be used outdoors for a long time; the PC cover style is transparent, milky white translucent, and diffusion cover available.
  • End cap (plug) aluminum die-casting, the surface is treated by high-temperature electrostatic spray, anti-corrosion, not easy to scratch.
  • Fixing clips: stainless steel clip or aluminum mounting strip
  • Serial and DMX512 parallel control can achieve colorful synchronization, gradual, scanning, chasing and running, and other beautiful effects.
  • Monochromatic light can be selected with white color 1800K~6500K, red light, blue light, and green light.
  • Dimensions: W30*35*L1000mm, W30*40*L1000mm, W24*40*L1000mm
  • Material: Aluminum Body+PC Cover
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Warranty: 3 years

◆ Specifications

Optical Lighting Source:SMD5050 4in1 led Chip Brand:EPISTAR 
LED Quantity:48 PCS Beam Angle:120°
Emitting Color:RGBW Led life:>30000 hours
Segments:8 pixels per meter Waterproofing Methods: Structural waterproof
Electrical Working Voltage:DC24V Electric Wire:Five-core Plug
Power Consumption:15W Electrical Class:III
Construction Shell Material:Aluminum Housing Cover:Diffusion PC Cover
Dimensions:W30*35*L1000mm, W30*40*L1000mm, W24*40*L1000mm  
Control Light Control:DMX512 Gray level:256x256x256
Other Ambient Temperature:-32°~+52° IP rating:IP65

◆ Order LED for outdoor lighting Product 

No. ITEM NO LED QTY Light Color Voltage Wattage Control Pixels/Meter Remarks
1 B030048-DMX512RGB 48PCS-SMD5050 3in1 RGB DC24V 12W DMX512 8 Pixels 3-core Plug
2 B020048-UCS1912RGB 48PCS-SMD5050 3in1 RGB DC12V 15W UCS1903 16 Pixels 3-core Plug
3 B012060-RGB 60PCS-SMD5050 Single Color DC12V 14.4W N/A —— 2-core Plug
4 B030048-RGB 48PCS-SMD5050 Single Color/RGB DC24V 13W N/A —— 2-core Plug

Facade Light Packaging Details: 1pc led light in 1 box

Packaging Size: Packaging according to customer requirement

Delivery Time Shipped in 7days after payment.


DMX was once used almost exclusively for theater and stage lighting control. Today, DMX is widely used as an architectural lighting control communication protocol. DMX is a digital protocol that sends “packets” of information to individual light fixtures over a communication wire. Fixtures can be addressed from 001 to 512, each address corresponds to one channel. Communication or DMX line consists of Data+, Data-, or Ground. In theater lighting applications XLR cable is widely used for DMX runs, for lighting XLR cables are overkill, we always recommend the use of Cat-5 with RJ45 connectors for clean connections.


THE DMX lighting linear Advantage:

DMX allows the most versatility when controlling multiple-channel LED fixtures. Nearly any lighting scene desired can be programmed with a DMX system. The hardwired communication or DMX line is reliable and easy to install. DMX lines from fixture to the fixture are daisy-chained (no T-type connections) and can run up to 1,800 ft. Countless LED fixtures can be controlled with one DMX controller.

Lighting linear Offline DMX controller

Artner Madrix DMX facade led lighting controller


Custom DMX Lighting Controls

At MSHLED™ we have the know-how and tools to deliver you a completely customized DMX lighting control system. Our team can program any lighting scene that you or your client desires, we also help integrate our systems into your automation system. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about our customized LED lighting control systems, no project is too big or small for our team. For more information: info@abrightled.com

Sure, we can ship via DHL, Fedex, UPS express, It is door to door, fast shipping ways.

No MOQ in MSH, small and large demand are welcome.

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