Single Color LED Strip

  • High Color Consistency: 3-Step MacAdam.
  • High CRI: Ra>90 / Ra>95.
  • Customizable CCT: 1800K ~ 6000K and other options available.
  • Variety of Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Pink, UV.
  • Long Lifespan: LM80 compatible, over 50,000 hours.
  • Versatile PCB Widths: From 2mm to 30mm.
  • Flexible LED Density: From 30 LEDs/m to 720 LEDs/m.
  • Variable Power Consumption: From 2.4W/m to 30W/m.
  • Various IP Ratings: IP20, IP52, IP65, IP67, IP68.
  • Customization Options: OEM and ODM available.
  • Warranty: 5 years.

Single Color LED Strip Supplier & Manufacturer

MSHLED is a leading single color LED strip manufacturer in China, offering a wide range of single color led strip products including SMD5050, SMD3528, SMD2835, SMD3014, SMD3014 side emitting, SMD2216, SMD2110, SMD1808, SMD5630, and COB LED strips. Our single color LED strips are popular for their high efficiency and low cost, and all are CE and RoHS certified to ensure high performance and long life. We provide customized solutions, OEM, and ODM services. Wholesalers, distributors, dealers, traders, and agents are welcome to purchase in bulk from us.

What Are Single Color LED Strip Lights?

Single-color flexible strip lights offer an energy-efficient, attractive, and durable solution for various lighting needs, including under-cabinet lighting, patio/deck lighting, accent lighting, and more. Our single-color strip lights are available in a variety of colors, LED densities, lengths, and weatherproof ratings, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. All of our flexible strips feature adhesive backings, ensuring simple and easy installation.

Customize Your Color

Our high-efficiency, single-color LED strip lights are ideal for creating stunning accent and decorative lighting in commercial, residential, or stage settings. Perfect for cove lighting, undercabinet lighting, or task lighting, they come in over 10 vibrant colors, including red, green, blue, and more. Don’t see your perfect shade? We can create custom colors to match your brand or design vision. Our experienced engineers will ensure consistent lighting across multiple locations. Contact us for a free consultation and minimum order requirements.

5-Year Warranty

We stand behind our standard strip lights with a 5-year warranty. We know that your projects have to perform flawlessly and failures are not an option. You can rest assured knowing you are getting high-quality strip light that you can depend on.

Wholesale Single Color LED Strip By Series

Color Temperature (White LEDs)Range of warm to cool white light
2100K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K
Color (Optional)Additional color options
Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Amber, Pink, UV, IR
Color Rendering Index (Ra) (White LEDs)Measure of color accuracyUp to Ra 98
LED Chip SizeDifferent chip types for various effects
COB, 2835SMD, 1808SMD, 5050SMD, 3528SMD, 3014SMD, 2216SMD, 2110SMD, 5630SMD
LED DensityNumber of LEDs per meter
30 LEDs/m, 48 LEDs/m, 60 LEDs/m, 70 LEDs/m, 72 LEDs/m, 84 LEDs/m, 96 LEDs/m, 120 LEDs/m, 140 LEDs/m, 180 LEDs/m, 144 LEDs/m, 240 LEDs/m, 280 LEDs/m, 360 LEDs/m, 420 LEDs/m, 480 LEDs/m, 560 LEDs/m, 600 LEDs/m, 700 LEDs/m
PCB WidthWidth of the circuit board
2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 40mm
Water ResistanceSuitability for different environments
Non-waterproof, IP65, IP67, IP68
InstallationEase of installation
3M adhesive backing for easy application
Viewing AngleLight distribution
120 degrees (standard), 180 degrees (COB)
Light QualityConsistent and flicker-free illumination
No spot, no flicker
Long RunsHigh voltage strips for extended lengths
AC120V strips can perform up to 50 meters without voltage drop
Certification (Optional)Safety and quality assurance
ETL Listed (for premium strips)
CustomizationCustom colors and PCB configurations
Available upon request, contact us for details
single led strip series

Why Choose Single LED Strips

Cut to Length

You can cut the strip every few inches, allowing you to design your project freely without worrying about space requirements.


LED strip lights are flexible and can be bent vertically up to 90 degrees. This allows you to add light to places previously thought impossible.

Color Options

LEDs can be manufactured to emit a variety of single colors and offer color-changing options.

Fully Dimmable

Our LEDs are dimmable and compatible with most home automation and DMX systems, wall dimmers, and remote dimmers. You have complete control over your LEDs.

Added Protection

Additional environmental protection can be added to make the strips IP65 or IP68 rated (dust/water resistant or dust/waterproof).


We can customize specialty strips for your project to include custom colors, lengths, CRI, width, voltage, brightness, and more. Contact us for your custom needs!

Peel & Stick

The back of the strip is fitted with strong 3M tape, allowing you to peel and stick lights to many different surfaces.

Low Profile

With a thickness of just 1/16'' (2mm), LED strips can be installed in many tight spaces and can easily be hidden from view.

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What can an LED strip light do?

  • Bathroom accents: Accentuate mirrors, vanities, shelving, or create a relaxing ambiance around bathtubs.
  • Cabinet & Shelving Cove lighting: Illuminate the contents of cabinets and shelves for better visibility and a touch of elegance.
  • Kitchen Cove lighting: Provide task lighting for countertops or under-cabinet accent lighting.
  • Bar & Restaurant: Create a vibrant atmosphere with colored lighting behind the bar, under shelves, or to highlight specific areas.
  • Hotel & Hospitality: Enhance the ambiance in lobbies, hallways, or guest rooms with soft lighting accents.
  • Retail Product Displays: Draw attention to specific products with targeted lighting or create a distinctive atmosphere for your store.
  • Storefront Displays: Make your storefront stand out with eye-catching lighting accents or illuminate product displays in window displays.
  • Hand Rails & Walkways: Improve safety and add a touch of style with illuminated handrails or walkways.
  • Stage design: Create dynamic lighting effects for theatrical productions, concerts, or other stage events.
  • Art displays: Highlight artwork with strategically placed LED strips for a gallery-like effect.
  • Building outlines & Signage: Enhance the visibility and visual appeal of building outlines or signage with custom LED strip designs.
  • LEDs can be manufactured to emit a variety of single colors and color changing options.


Our Flexible COB LED Strip Light series offers a seamless line of light from start to finish, utilizing flip-chip LEDs to eliminate visible hot spots. This advanced chip-on-board technology enhances light quality, thermal management, and flexibility. The compact, lightweight LEDs are packed tightly together, outperforming bulkier 5050 LEDs. Ideal for narrow applications like display cases, backlighting, and reflective surfaces such as granite and tile, the spotless output ensures a pristine lighting solution for any project.

Specification Download

SMD2835 LED Strip

The 2835 SMD LED is renowned for its high luminous efficiency, boasting an electrical conversion efficiency of up to 90%. This makes 2835 LED strips the preferred choice for industrial and architectural lighting where high brightness is essential.

  • High Luminous Efficiency: 2835 industrial LED strip lights can achieve up to 1076 lumens per foot, while architectural LED strip lighting can reach a minimum of 717 lumens per foot.
  • Versatile Arrangements: Compatible with 1-row, 2-row, 3-row, 4-row, and 5-row configurations, available in FPCB widths ranging from 4mm to 64mm.

Specification Download

SMD5050 LED Strip

Simply put, these LED chips are called SMD 5050 because the dimensions of the chips are 5.0mm x 5.0mm. They have 3 LED diodes in one housing (sometimes called tri-chips), and are a lot brighter than individual 3528 LED chips.

  • LED Densities: Available in 30 LEDs, 60 LEDs, 96 LEDs, and 120 LEDs per meter.
  • PCB Width: Options include 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm widths.

Specification Price

SMD2216 LED Strip

  • Compact Size: Named SMD2216 due to the chip dimensions of 2.2mm x 1.6mm, these LEDs enable the creation of narrower strips.
  • High LED Density: Available in densities of 120, 180, 240, 300, and 420 LEDs per meter, allowing for versatile applications.
  • PCB Width: Available in a standard PCB width of 10mm, suitable for various installation needs.

Specification Download

Custom Single Color LED Strip

  • SMD 3528: Smaller size, lower brightness, energy-efficient.
  • SMD 5050: Larger size, higher brightness, used for more intense lighting.
  • SMD 2835: Latest technology, efficient, higher brightness than 3528.
  • SMD 5630: High brightness, used for commercial lighting.
  • Cree
  • Epistar
  • Samsung
  • Nichia
  • Warm White: 2700K – 3000K
  • Neutral White: 3500K – 4500K
  • Cool White: 6000K – 6500K
  • Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber
  • 80+: Good for most applications.
  • 90+: Excellent for color-critical applications like photography and retail.
  • Material: Copper or Aluminum
  • Color: White, Black, or Custom
  • Width: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
  • Type: 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive tape for strong attachment.
  • Standard: 5 meters (16.4 feet) rolls.
  • Custom Lengths: As per requirement.
  • 30 LEDs/m
  • 60 LEDs/m
  • 120 LEDs/m
  • 240 LEDs/m
  • 12V DC
  • 24V DC
  • 7.2W/m (for 30 LEDs/m, 3528 type)
  • 14.4W/m (for 60 LEDs/m, 5050 type)
  • 20W/m (for 120 LEDs/m, 2835 type)
  • IP20: No protection against water, for indoor use.
  • IP65: Protected against water jets, suitable for outdoor use.
  • IP67: Protected against immersion up to 1 meter, suitable for wet locations.
  • IP68: Protected against continuous immersion, suitable for underwater use.
  • Input Wire Length: Standard 15 cm, customizable as per requirement.
  • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG to 18 AWG depending on current rating.
  • Customizable with brand logo and specifications.
  • Standard: Anti-static bag with label.
  • Custom Options: Retail packaging with logo, bulk packaging for large orders.

Product Testing

To ensure the products are 100% perfect without problem, all our products have passed below severe tests. So you can rest assured to wholesale our LED strips.

MSHLED IES Laboratory

MSHLED salt spray chamber

MSHLED vibration test

MSHLED arm drop test machine

MSHLED temphumi test chamber

MSHLED optical image coordinate measuring instrument

MSHLED ipx8 waterproof pressure testing machine

MSHLED ipx3 6 integrated waterproof test chamber

MSHLED LED Light integrating sphere


Addressable LED strips are flexible lighting solutions that allow individual control of each LED on the strip. This enables dynamic lighting effects such as color changes, animations, and patterns.

Unlike regular LED strips that change colors as a whole, addressable LED strips can control each LED individually, providing more customization and complex lighting effects.

The WS2818B LED light strip is a type of addressable LED strip that uses WS2818B ICs to control each LED individually. It supports advanced lighting effects and requires only a single data line for communication.

Yes, WS2818B programmable LED strip lights can be cut at designated points and re-joined, allowing customization of the strip length to fit different projects.

Addressable RGB LED strip lights are available in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions. The IP rating indicates their level of water resistance, with IP65 and IP68 being common waterproof ratings.

When buying addressable RGB LED strips, consider factors such as the voltage, LED density, waterproof rating, power consumption, and compatibility with your controller and power supply.

Addressable LED strip lights can be controlled using a variety of methods, including dedicated controllers, microcontrollers (like Arduino and Raspberry Pi), smartphone apps, and remote controls.

Yes, you can dim addressable LED strip lights using compatible controllers that support dimming functions.

Yes, digital pixel RGB LED strips are flexible and can be bent around corners and surfaces. However, avoid sharp bends to prevent damage to the strip and its components.

Different types of addressable LED strips include WS2811, WS2812B, WS2818B, SK6812, and APA102, each with varying specifications and capabilities.

Yes, programmable RGB LED strips can be left on all night. Ensure they are properly installed and ventilated to avoid overheating.

Yes, addressable LED strips are safe to use when installed correctly and used within their specified voltage and current limits.

Individually addressable RGB LED strips are not harmful to your eyes when used normally. However, avoid staring directly at very bright LEDs for extended periods.

No, individually addressable RGB LED strips are not harmful to the skin.

There is no evidence to suggest that LED strips cause cancer. They are considered safe for general use.

LED strips, including addressable ones, may attract bugs less than traditional lighting because they emit less UV light, which is what typically attracts insects.

Individually addressable LED strips are designed to be safe, but improper installation, such as overloading the power supply or using incorrect wiring, can pose a fire risk.

Individually addressable LEDs each contain a small microcontroller, allowing them to light up with different colors and brightness levels. These LED strips have a positive voltage line, a ground line, and a data line. The control signal travels through the strip, being processed by each LED in turn. The first LED detects the incoming signal and executes its designated instructions, then passes the data to the next LED, increasing the counter by one. Essentially, the first LED says, “I am number 1, and the next one to receive this signal will be number 2.” This process continues sequentially until all LEDs have been addressed.

Yes, individually addressable LED strips can be powered by batteries if the battery pack provides the correct voltage and current.

Troubleshooting involves checking connections, ensuring correct polarity, verifying the power supply, and inspecting the strip for any visible damage or defects.

Yes, many controllers for individually addressable LED strips come with smartphone apps that allow you to control the lighting effects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Yes, you can connect addressable LED strip lights to a Raspberry Pi and control them using programming libraries like Python.

Yes, addressable LED strips can be connected to Arduino for custom lighting effects using libraries such as FastLED or NeoPixel.

Yes, a power supply that matches the voltage and current requirements of the programmable LED strip is necessary for proper operation.

The average length of a WS2818B programmable LED strip varies, but they typically come in reels of 1 meter, 5 meters, or 10 meters.

The average temperature of an addressable LED strip when lit is usually within 30°C to 60°C, depending on the environment and installation.

You can achieve the desired light effect using a WS2818B addressable LED strip by programming the LEDs with a compatible controller and software to customize colors, patterns, and animations.

You can identify the type of addressable LED strip lights by checking the product specifications, which should include the IC model (e.g., WS2812B, WS2818B,WS2815B,WS2811,APA102C,SK9822,GS8206,GS8202) and other technical details.

Addressable LED strips can be purchased from online retailers, electronics stores, and specialized lighting suppliers like MSHLED

The brightness of addressable LED strip lights can be controlled using a compatible controller, which often includes brightness adjustment features.

Top manufacturers of addressable LED strips include companies like Adafruit, Abright, Govee, and Philips Hue.

Yes, variations in current and voltage can affect the performance and longevity of addressable LED strip lights. It is crucial to use a stable power supply that matches the strip’s requirements.

Precautions include using the correct power supply, ensuring proper ventilation, avoiding sharp bends, and following the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

The average lifespan of WS2818B programmable LED strip lights is typically between 30,000 to 50,000 hours, depending on usage and environmental conditions.

Addressable RGB LED strips are quite cost-effective to run. Compared to incandescent lights, which can use up to 85% more energy, LED lights are significantly more efficient. For instance, a 60W incandescent light bulb costs about USD 4.80 per year, whereas a 12W LED light, providing the same brightness, costs only USD 1.00 per year. This demonstrates that addressable RGB LED strips are much less expensive to operate than traditional lights.

Elevate your lighting projects with MSHLED!

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