How To DIY LED Light Strips For Mirror?

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Looking to add a stylish touch to your plain mirror? LED mirrors might be the answer, but they can be pricey. That’s why I’ve got you covered with a budget-friendly guide on creating your LED mirror lighting using LED strips.

With just a few meters of LED strip lights, you can transform your ordinary mirror into a modern marvel. The process is simple: wrap the LED strips around the mirror and power them up. But depending on how you install them, the lighting effect can vary. You can backlight the mirror, create borders around it with LED strips, and more.

In this article, I’ll share some clever ideas and techniques for DIY LED light strips for mirrors. So, let’s dive right in!

How To Choose The Best LED Strip For Mirror?

Before purchasing LED strips for your mirror lighting project, consider the following factors:

1. **Location:** Determine the installation location and lighting requirements. Different areas may require different types of lighting, such as task lighting for bathrooms or bright illumination for barber shops. To get more guidelines in choosing fixtures for your barber shop, check this article- How To Choose Lighting For A Barber Shop? So, before selecting any LED strip, consider the location and note the lighting requirements. 

2. **Type & Color:** LED strips come in various types, including RGB, tunable white, and single-color options. Choose a type and color that suits the application and desired ambiance. Consider RGB strips for creative lighting effects or tunable white for adjustable color temperatures. To learn more about restaurant lighting, check this- Top 31 Restaurant Lighting Ideas

3. **Size:** Determine the required length of LED strips for your mirror. LED strips typically come in 5-meter reels, but they can be cut to size if needed. Ensure you have the necessary connectors or soldering equipment if joining multiple strips. This guide will help you to learn more about LED strip cutting- Can You Cut LED Strip Lights and How To Connect: Full Guide.

4. **Dimmability:** Opt for dimmable LED strips to adjust the brightness according to different tasks or moods. Dimmable lighting offers versatility, allowing you to create various lighting effects for different activities.

5. **LED Density:** Choose the LED density based on the desired lighting effect. Higher LED density results in more even and uniform illumination, while lower density may create a dotted or uneven appearance.

6. **SMD:** Consider the SMD (Surface Mounted Device) type of LED chips used in the strips. Different SMD types offer varying levels of brightness and efficiency. For example, SMD5050 chips are brighter than SMD3528.

7. **IP Rating:** Select LED strips with an appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) rating for the installation environment. Higher IP ratings indicate better protection against dust and moisture. Waterproof LED strips are suitable for bathrooms or outdoor use, while non-waterproof strips are sufficient for indoor applications.

8. **CRI Rating:** Check the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of the LED strips to ensure accurate color representation. A higher CRI indicates better color accuracy, which is essential for tasks such as makeup application or clothing selection. Aim for a CRI above 90 for optimal color rendering.

Consider these factors carefully to choose the best LED strips for your DIY mirror lighting project, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

How To Install LED Strips On Mirror – DIY Guide

Transforming your plain mirror into an elegant LED-lit masterpiece is a simple DIY project. Follow these steps to install LED strips on your mirror:

**Step 1: Gather All Required Materials**

Ensure you have the following materials:

– LED Strip: Choose the appropriate LED strip based on color, brightness, and IP rating.

– Scissors & Measuring Tools: For cutting the LED strips to the desired length.

– Electrical Wires & Connectors: Required for connecting LED strips to the power supply.

– LED Driver & Controller: Provide power and control settings for the LED strips.

**Step 2: Measure The Mirror**

Use a measuring tape to determine the length of LED strips needed to cover the mirror surface.

**Step 3: Cut the LED Strip**

Cut the LED strips to the measured length using scissors, following the cut marks.To know more about the LED strip mounting process, check out Installing LED Flex Strips: Mounting Techniques.

**Step 4: Clean The Mirror Surface**

Clean the mirror and surrounding area with isopropyl alcohol to ensure a clean, dry surface for adhesive attachment.

**Step 5: Attach The LED Light Strip To The Mirror**

– For Frameless Mirror: Create a border around the mirror by attaching the LED strip one inch from the edges.

– For Framed Mirror:

  – Lighting Over or In the Frame: Install LED strips over the frame or create an inner outline.

  – Lighting Behind the Frame: Attach LED strips one inch from the edges on the backside of the frame.

**Step 6: Install Mounting Hardware**

Install mounting brackets on the wall and secure the mirror in place.

**Step 7: Prepare The Power Supply Unit**

Connect the LED driver to the LED strips and plug it into a power outlet. Turn on the lights to enjoy your DIY LED-lit mirror!

Follow these steps carefully to achieve a sleek and modern look for your mirror with LED strip lighting.

create a floating effect
create a floating effect

Tips For DIY LED Strip Lighting For Vanity Mirror

Before starting your DIY mirror project, consider these helpful tips:

**1. Choose Color Temperature Adjustable LED Strips:** 

Opt for tunable white LED strips for your vanity mirror. They allow you to adjust the color temperature from warm to cool tones, catering to different activities like makeup, skincare, or relaxation.

**2. Keep Corner Lighting Neat:** 

Ensure the LED strips are neatly installed around the corners of the mirror. Use techniques like 90-degree folding for rectangular mirrors or accordion folding for round mirrors. Utilize LED strip connectors for a seamless corner finish.

**3. Connect LED Strips to Your Phone:** 

Opt for smart LED strips with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. This enables you to control brightness, color, and power settings directly from your smartphone for added convenience.

6 Best Ideas For DIY Mirror Lighting With LED Strips

1. **Create a Floating Effect:**

   Achieve a modern look by placing LED strips on the backside of the mirror, leaving a gap around the edges. Mount the mirror with a slight distance from the wall to create a floating effect.

led strip mirror 4
led strip mirror 4

2. **Built-In Mirror Lighting:**

   Construct a built-in mirror by creating wooden frames and installing LED strips between them. Place the mirror over the smaller frame and cover it with glass for a professional finish.

led strip mirror msh
led strip mirror msh

3. **Outline Following The Mirror Shape:**

   Enhance the design of a vintage-style mirror by shaping LED strips to follow its contours. Use connectors for corners and ensure strip folding does not damage the LEDs.

built in mirror lighting
built in mirror lighting

4. **Try Colorful LED Strips:**

   Add vibrancy to your space by installing RGB LED strips, allowing you to choose from millions of colors. Alternatively, use colorful single-color LED strips for a unique touch.

led strip mirror 2
led strip mirror 2

5. **Use Warm Lighting For A Cozy Vibe:**

   Create a cozy ambiance with warm-tone LED strips around your mirror, ideal for bedroom or bathroom settings. Consider dim-to-warm LED strips for adjustable color temperature.

rainbow mirror light
rainbow mirror light

6. **Rainbow Mirror Light:**

   Install Addressable LED Strips for a dynamic rainbow effect, offering control over each segment. Perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any room.

rainbow mirror light
rainbow mirror light


**Can you add an LED to a mirror?**

Yes, you can add LEDs to a mirror. LED strip lights, LED bulbs, and recessed lights are suitable options for built-in mirror lighting, with LED strips being ideal for DIY mirror projects.

**Can you make your backlit mirror?**

Yes, you can make your backlit mirror using LED strip lights. Simply attach the LED strips to the backside of the mirror, leaving a gap around the edges for a floating effect.

**Are mirrors with LED lights good?**

Mirrors with LED lights offer several benefits, including energy efficiency, adjustable brightness, and modern aesthetics. They provide ample illumination for various tasks such as makeup application and grooming.

**Are LED lighted mirrors bright enough?**

Yes, LED lighted mirrors are generally bright enough for most applications. The brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and lighting needs.

**What is the cheapest way to make a smart mirror?**

The cheapest way to make a smart mirror is by using a Raspberry Pi computer and a two-way mirror film. By connecting the Raspberry Pi to a monitor behind the mirror and installing smart mirror software, you can create a functional smart mirror at a relatively low cost.

**What is the difference between backlight and LED mirrors?**

Backlit mirrors feature lighting behind the mirror surface, providing a soft and diffused glow around the edges. LED mirrors, on the other hand, incorporate LED lights directly into the mirror frame or surface, offering more targeted and customizable lighting options.

The Bottom Line

LED strip lights offer an excellent solution for mirror lighting. Their flexibility and ability to be resized make them easy to install around any mirror. With a variety of types and colors available, you can customize your mirror lighting to suit your preferences. However, before making a selection, it’s important to consider factors such as warranty, IP rating, and overall quality. If you require any customization for your mirror lighting, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. Additionally, you can refer to our guide on DIY mirror lighting – “How to Customize Personalized LED Flexible Strips?” for helpful tips. Besides LED strip lights, LED neon flex is also a fantastic option for creating a mesmerizing glowing effect around your mirror.

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