WS2812B VS WS2813 Individually Addressable RGB LED Strips – How Are They Different?

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WS2812B LED strip has only one data signal when one pixel dies, the signal cannot pass through.

WS2813 digital LED strip, you can see as an updated version of WS2811 addressable LED strip, it has double signals even one signal is broken, others can still work well because the signal can pass through, please check the picture below:

1. What’s the main difference between the WS2812B and the WS2813?

individually addressable led strip

The image is mainly about the difference between the working principle of the WS2812 and WS2813 LED strip. The most obvious difference is: when the LED one of the WS2812 was broken, it will affect the other led working, but the WS2813 will not appear above the situation.

Conclusion: WS2812 only one data signal when one led broke may affect the other led working, which only die is packaged in 5050 RGB LED Chip. But WS2813 LEDs have 2 data signals, any pixel’s failure won’t affect signal transfer and its total emitting effect unless two consecutive adjacent LEDs are Broken. As such, the WS2813 is the more dependable LED strip, making it a worthy upgrade LED strip for your next blinky project.

2. the refresh frequency rate WS2812B different to that of the WS2813?

WS2813 Refresh Frequency updates reach 2 kHz, Low Frame Frequency, and no Flicker appear in HD Video Camera, improving excellent display effect.

3. the reset time of the WS2813 compared to that of the WS2812B?

250us or more of reset time, it won’t cause wrong reset while interruption, it works on the lower frequency and inexpensive MCU.

4.  the same controller be used for both WS2812B and WS2813?

Yes, WS2813 LED can use the same controller as WS2812B LED.

K-1000C, K-8000C, BC-204, and BC216, wifi music controllers are used for WS2812B and WS2813 led smart light strips.

WS2813 Strip with the ground pin (gnd) and the data pin (Din and Dout) to controller; the power pin (+5V), the ground pin (gnd) is to power supply.

multi color led strip light

WS2812b Strip with the ground pin (gnd) and the data pin (Din) to controller; the power pin (+5V), the ground pin (gnd) is to power supply.


7. What is WS2812B and WS2813 LEDs strip price compared?

WS2813 LEDs are much more expensive – but not by more. A brief comparison reveals that you can purchase individual units and strips of WS2813 LEDs for around 20% more than WS2812B.  

WS2812B multi-color led strips 

PNWorking currentWorking temperaturePackageLED numberViewing angleLifespanWorking voltagePixel/M
S010030-WS2813RGB1.8A/meter-40℃~60℃5meter/roll30pcs/meter14050000hDC 5V30Pixels/M
S010060-WS2813RGB3.6A/meter-40℃~60℃5meter/roll60pcs/meter14050000hDC 5V60Pixels/M
S012144-WS2813RGB8.64A/meter-40℃~60℃2meter/roll144pcs/meter14050000hDC 5V144Pixels/m

WS2813 individually addressable led strip

PNWorking currentWorking temperaturePackageLED numberViewing angleLifespanWorking voltage
S010030-WS2812BRGB1.8A/meter-40℃~60℃5meter/roll30pcs/meter14050000hDC 5V
S010060-WS2812BRGB3.6A/meter-40℃~60℃5meter/roll60pcs/meter14050000hDC 5V
S010074-WS2812BRGB4.44A/meter-40℃~60℃5meter/roll74pcs/meter14050000hDC 5V
S012144-WS2812BRGB8.64A/meter-40℃~60℃2meter/roll144pcs/meter14050000hDC 5V

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