Which Is Better And Brighter: LED 5050 or LED 2835?

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LED strips are by far the most convenient and cost-effective option to light your home, office, factory, or other structures. They’re compact and flexible enough to fit into tight spaces, and they use less energy than traditional light sources. Because LED strips do not release heat, they have a lower carbon footprint than traditional light bulbs. Furthermore, they do not emit any harmful gasses or pollutants.

When looking for LED strips, you’ll find that they’re normally printed on the box with four digits or listed in the product specifications.

They’ll most likely be 2835, 3528, or 5050. (although other options are available). What does this code mean, and how does it compare to others?

What is SMD2835 LED Strip Light


SMD 2835 chips resemble 3528 chips in appearance, however they employ newer technology and are therefore more efficient. This implies that for the same amount of power, they can be substantially brighter. They’re not as big as 5050 chips (2.8mm x 3.5mm). They provide the best in work lighting, as well as even work lighting.

In fact, the 2835 SMD is a more energy-efficient alternative to the 5050, delivering 20% more light while consuming 20% less power. Each 2835 SMD draws 0.2 watts (5050 SMD pulls 24 volts) based on 60 LEDs per meter, yielding a total power of roughly 12 watts per meter compared to 14.4 watts for the 5050 SMD. Because 2835 SMDs are smaller and don’t get as hot as other LEDs, you may utilize up to 120 LEDs per meter (i.e. 24v rgbw LED strips per meter) for a total of 2600 lumens per meter! The light output is 2600 lumens!

For enhanced heat dissipation, reliability, and endurance, MSHLED 2835 LED strips are mounted on a 2 oz. PCB (10 mm wide). As a result, this is a product that will stand the test of time. Warm white, cool white, and bespoke white LED tapes are available in 12w and 24w p/m. Heat shrink coated splash-proof IP65 and waterproof IP67 options are also available.

We expect that now that the 2835 chip has established itself, more users will switch from 5050 SMD to it as they discover the benefits.

What is SMD5050 LED Strip Light

5050 strip

The dimensions of these chips are 5.0mm x 5.0mm. The brightness of the 5050 chips is typically three times that of the 3528 chips.

Light Strip with 5050 chips is commonly used for “task lighting” underneath kitchen cabinets, where the light will help you see what you’re working on because they’re brighter. Color-changing 5050 strips are also commonly available, allowing you to choose any color you desire using the remote control or controller.

They’re especially handy with RGB color-changing bulbs when you only need a tiny quantity of illumination for a project area. SMD 5050 LEDs can have up to three times the light output of a light bar when compared to the same number of chips, making them suitable for illuminating locations that may be sensitive to huge amounts of ambient light. However, due to their bigger size, the number of them that may be placed on a PCB is limited. There are certain brightness limits when using the 5050s in this approach.

Even while they produce more heat than smaller chips, it is still a fraction of the heat produced by standard lighting options. To transfer the heat away from the chip, these LEDs require a thicker PCB.

The difference between 5050 and 3528 LEDs is that 5050 LEDs may combine three separate chips to produce millions of various colors within the housing.

While the 5050 chips can be utilized in monochrome applications, we’ve found that the 5050 LEDs are better suited for RGB applications, while the higher density 3528 SMD LEDs are better suited for monochrome.

Difference of the SMD2835 and SMD5050 Strip


Different SMD Size: 

The four digits refer to the LED chip’s size, which is expressed in millimeters. 

The larger the chip, the larger the diode, and the brighter the light; however, other elements, such as density, play an equal role in the strip’s overall brightness.

A strip with an LED chip measuring 28mm 35mm is known as a 2835 LED strip, while a strip with an LED chip measuring 50mm 5050mm is known as a 5050 LED strip.

You’ll get a brighter output with the 5050 chip than with the 3528 chip. This is due to the chip’s increased size, which allows it to produce more light.

2835, on the other hand, is not the same as 2835 because it is not a simple rotation of the same chip.

They are more energy-efficient than the 5050 chip because they generate the same brightness while using less energy.

The diodes utilized in this chip make greater use of the available space, which is one of the reasons.

The diode on a 3528 or 5050 chip is round, but on 2835, it takes up practically the whole surface of the chip.

It’s worth mentioning that 2835 typically has additional benefits, such as improved heat dissipation and thus a longer lifetime.

However, if you want a strip with changeable lighting colors, a 5050 strip may still be the better option.

Different Color:

color strip

You’ll get the 5050 chip if you want an RGB strip because it mixes three separate diodes.

However, it’s worth debating if RGB ribbons are truly necessary; while they can produce up to 16 million colors, they’re the most difficult to work with in white.

A white-only strip would be able to create higher-quality white light than the RGB strip’s combination of red, green, and blue LEDs.

Different Density: 

As a result, in addition to the chip’s size, the density must be considered. The number of LED chips on the strip is referred to as density.

Because you might have considerably longer strips than one meter, it is always measured in terms of the number of LEDs per meter. As a result, we have a standard comparison.

The industry standard is 30 LEDs per meter, however, strips with 60, 120, or even more LEDs are available.

However, this isn’t true for all chip sizes.

Consider this: a 5050 chip is 5 mm in diameter. It’s impossible to get the chips to contact. There must be enough space between them to allow for wiring.

Because that’s all the space you have, most 5050 strips feature 30 or 60 LEDs per meter.

Not so with a little chip like 2835, which can safely hold up to 120 LEDs per meter, resulting in a much brighter strip of up to 2,600 lumens per meter!

It’s not just about the brightness, though. It’s not just about the brightness, though. The most significant advantage of a high-density LED strip is that it provides more consistent illumination.

Different Controller:


LED strip controllers allow changing the color, temperature, and brightness of these strips a breeze.

SMD5050 Strip: Control options for the SMD 5050 include Fully Dimmable, CCT Control, and RGB Control.

SMD2835 Strip: Fully Dimmable and CCT Control are two control options for the SMD 2835.

As previously stated, depending on the LED density, 2835 SMD strips can provide 360 to 720 lumens per meter, and 5050 LED strips can create up to 1000 lumens per meter. This makes it suitable for lighting larger locations like airports, hospitals, warehouses, and industries.

Final Thoughts

While the size of the chip is the most evident variation between 2835, 3528, and 5050 LED strips, it has a significant impact on brightness, power efficiency, and the number of LEDs the strip can carry.

There are numerous more factors to consider, such as ensuring that the power supply you select can handle the length of the strip, selecting the appropriate color, and determining how it will fit into your strip…… It’s a minefield out there.

Thank god I have a comprehensive handbook.

Unless you desire an RGB strip, the 2835 strip will be the brightest and longest lasting. It will also be the most expensive option, so bear that in mind.

In your home, what kind of LED strip do you have? Have you ever struggled to get the perfect brightness or achieve an even glow?

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