What’s The Addressable LED Neon Light

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LED neon lighting has gained traction in the lighting marketplace in recent years, particularly for applications along the likes of border lighting, cove lighting, signage and outlines. And while the three letters “LED” certainly signify a more cost-effective, environmentally-sound product, you might be wondering just how much LED neon saves in energy consumption, especially when you take into consideration the more conventional fluorescent and glass neon lighting options.

What is the LED Neon Flex?

The LED Neon Flex group of products offers you the convenience and energy savings of LED neon lights.and the control of DMX.

Led Neon Flex lighting is a bendable and flexible Led profile with which various shapes can be made and can be bent in any horizontal bending direction.

What makes LED Neon Flex so unique is that it is a patented LED technology that offers more advantages than the common neon or conventional lighting. All of the addressable LED neon Flex designed by us with 3 three years warranty.

Advantages of using LED Neon Lights

A longer lifespan

Low energy consumption

No risks of burns

High impact resistance

With LED signages, there is no switch on delay

Eye-catching brightness

LED signages have a compelling appearance — the way to impress customers

Exceptional Colour

Thinner signs

Flexible Signage options

Next post will detail itme of MSH LED Flex Neon light.

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