What Is WS2813 And How Does WS2813 Smart Led Strip Light Working

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WS2813 is a revised version of IC WS2812 which adds the feature of the break-point continuous transmission signal. WS2813 is another DC5V built-in IC. WS2813 intelligent control LED light source which integrates the control circuit and the RGB chip into a 5050 component package. Its internal features include smart digital port data latch and signal reshaping drive circuit.

It also includes a precision internal oscillator and a constant current control part programmable for 12V voltage, which achieves a highly consistent color effect. WS2813 is widely used in guardrail tubes, pixel displays, flexible/rigid strips, modular lighting applications, stage lighting, and electronic gadgets for innovation.

WS2813 Diagram

The WS2813 fixes the problem of dead strings of LEDs with a ‘BI’ pin. In a string of LEDs, this pin is connected to the DI pin of the previous LED.

The WS2813 is the solution to one LED bringing down the rest of the string. There are six pins in this package, and two data signals. There are integrated caps for simplifying the layout, and the refresh frequency can reach up to 2 kHz. Basically, if you’re doing something with WS2812s, do it with WS2813s instead. This is especially true if you’re putting these RGB LEDs through a reflow oven, just trust me on this.

How does ws2813 led multi color led strip light working 

The WS2813 strip light is an updated version of the WS2812B, similar to how the WS2812B is an improved version of the WS2811, but with break continue function , while one IC is broken, the signal can still pass through.

WS2813 is the latest model in this famous LED stripe series. WS2813 is another DC5V built-in IC which is an evolutionary version of IC WS2812 which adds the feature of the break-point continuous transmission signal. The big difference between the two LED strips is their bypassing LED property. One of the main advantages WS2813 has over the WS2812B is that it is a dual-signal wires variant, with continuous transmission of signal break-points. This means if an LED burns in the center of the chain, the circuit will remain closed and the other LEDs will still light up. The remaining LEDs will continue to operate normally, as long as no other neighboring LEDs are broken. While an LED in a WS2812B strip is broken or burned, the circuit is broken and other LEDs in the chain afterward do not operate.

We choose all kinds of ws2813 programmable strip light as examples to compare.

Built-in IC ws2813Built-in IC ws2813Built-in IC ws2813
Full colorFull colorFull color

 WS2813 Strip signal transmission

—Dual signal channel transmission, support resume from breakpoint.

WS2813 LEDstripslight with MINI controller

WS2813 ledlightchallenge with SD card controller (Two option)

  1. Ws2813 strip GND to controller GND, BI to controller CLK, DI to controller DAT.

Strip GND to power supply GND, Strip 5V to power supply 12V.

2.Ws2813 strip GND to controller GND, BI to controller GND, DI to controller DAT.

Strip GND to power supply GND, Strip 5V to power supply 12V.

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