What Is SMD2020 APA102C LED And How To Use The SMD2020 APA102c LED Strip?

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SMD2020 APA102C

1. APA102-2020 SMD LED is a new type of APA102 integrated led for three channels RGB color emitting and an astoundingly tiny, 8pin, 2020 sized

2. It is an astoundingly tiny, 8-pin, 2020-sized (2x2mm) SMD LED. With an integrated control circuit embedded, the APA102-2020 is incredibly bright and colorful.has very little size with 2.0mm*2.0*0.75mm,which has much more advantage for the smaller than 5050 led with 5.0*5.0mm. many new applications will be available for the tiny size.

3. Apa102 2020 also uses the APA102 as the driver IC to control the color dimming.

Also high brightness too,for each apa102-2020 led is 0.2W.you can see the tiny gold chip hidden in there, along with minuscule gold wires connecting the chip to the LED. This miniaturized version of the APA102C LEDs found in our Lumenati line is perfect for applications needing a bit of color while not possessing a lot of real estate.

4. It can be widely used in apa102 2020 digital rgb led strips,apa102 2020 dotstar,also apa102 led pixels,and the full color led display.

Each APA102-2020 in this strip of 10 contains three even smaller LEDs, hence RGB (Red/Green/Blue). It is important to remember just how small these LEDs are. They can be extremely difficult to solder, so we do recommend that you have good SMD soldering skills before incorporating the APA102-2020. 


PIN Configuration

The fast Refresh rate astoundingly tiny HD107S 2020

1)The HD107S 2020 is DC5V power supply, pure gold wire, high quality, high brightness, dual-line design, refresh 27KHZ, transmission 30MHZ.

3)HD107S is a dual-line transmission three-channel (RGB) driver control circuit and light-emitting circuit in one intelligent external control LED light source, the product contains a signal decoding module, data buffer, built-in constant current circuit and RC oscillator, CMOS process, low voltage, low power consumption; 256 levels of PWM grayscale adjustment and 32 levels of brightness adjustment, the use of dual-line output mode, DATA data and synchronous CLK signal, so that the output action of each chip connected in series synchronization.

Application Circuit


What if there were an individually addressable RGB LED that were smaller? That’s where the WS2812B/8812B-2020 comes in. Instead of 5 mm square, it’s 2 mm square. How big of a difference does that make? Check out the graphic to the right. That’s the footprint for a regular 2812B/8812B and a 2020-sized version, scaled to the correct relative dimensions. You can fit four of them in the footprint of a WS2812b/8812B.

WS2812b/8812B- 2020

What Kinds of SMD2020 APA102C color changing led strip can do in MSH.

There are three LEDs inside, red, green and blue. The RGB LEDs are controlled by a tiny chip that takes a 24-bit color level via the clock and data in and then does all the PWM control for you.

It can do 200leds/M and 288leds/M.

  1. 200 Pixel/m P5 Individual Addressable APA102 2020 RGB Flex LED Strips

LED: APA102-RGB-2020, 200 LED/meter, 200 Pixels/meter

Power input: 5V, Max. 6w/m  

PCB: 5mm black Flexible FPCB

Outlet: 4 wires at both ends ( 5V+, GND, Clock and Data )

Packing: 1m/roll, 2m/pcs

Controller: SP105e, K-1000C, etc…

  1. APA102 2020 High Density 288 Pixels LED Strip
Product Name: 288 Pixels APA102-2020 Individual Programmable LED Strip
Item No.:S010288-APA102 RGB 
LED Source: APA102-SMD2020-RGB, 
PCB10mm black FPCB
IC Chip:APA102
Pins:4 Wires = 5V+, CLK, DATA, GND
View angle:170°  
Voltage & Power:DC 5V, 10w/m
Size:2000x5x1.8(mm), 1m/roll or according to your requirements
Controller:  SP105e, K-1000C, SD card controller, DMX controller, Ardunio and others, etc…
Smd2020 Apa102 1

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