What Is COB LED Strips Light And The Advantage?

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New for 2020; our new COB (Chip on Board) flexible LED tape light is set to shake up the lighting industry. This highly advanced offering sets new standards for LED strip lighting, with its dot-free lighting array and invisible LED chips. Delivering a fluorescent-like linear illumination.

This COB LED Strip is the latest technology to hit the market which removes the issue of seeing the LED dots. Every customer of ours will say I want a strip but I don’t want to see the dots, this can be very hard to achieve with a low-powered strip, now we can confidently supply a strip to have full coverage with this COB LED strip. COB LED strip means it is continuous LED strip light instead of small LED diodes which are spaced apart. 

Include List:

Advantages of COB LED Flex Strips

  • Feature1: Uniform light
  • Feature 2: High Color Rendering Index
  • Feature 3: Good flexibility
  • Feature 4:Wide emitting angle 180 degree
  • Feature 5: Can be cut
  • Feature 6: Ultra-thin
  • Feature 7: Variety of colors
  • Feature 8: Dimmable
  • Feature 9: High Brightness
  • Feature 10: Energy saving
  • Feature 11: Environmental protection feature 11: Lightweight
  • Feature 12: Easy install
  • Feature 13: WaterproofFeature 14: Safe to touch
  • Feature 14: Low heat
  • Feature15:More Efficient, Less Heat

Color Temperature 

COB Flex strips are offered in our standard white outputs: 3000K Warm White, 4000K Neutral White, and 6000K Cool White.

High CRI type, based on 90, even RA > 95

Cut Description

1)Can be cut out soft light belt simple and fast  

2)Safety resistor ballast stabilizer Protection chip

Compare to COB and SMD LED Strips

The good luminous effect, no light spots, no dark areas, greatly saving material and labor costs

The installation:

1. This Installation Method is generally used for the Non-waterproof Environment.

2. The High-viscosity 3m Adhesive is Attached to the Back of the Strip

3. It can be directly pasted on the Required Solid.

Installation Diagram:

1. LED Strips with a direct connecting diagram

2. Multiple Strips connecting the power supply

3. Strips with a two-way connecting power supply


Trademark lighting                             Logo lighting

Channel letters lighting                      Lightboxes lighting

Landscape layout lighting                   Stage decoration lighting

Sign cabinets                                      Channel lights

Cove LED lighting                               Edge-lit signs

Canopy illumination                           Off-grid lighting

FAQ for COB LED Strip

A: Do you offer a ‘cut-to-size’ service?

Yes,  If you require 3.7m, select 4m, you can then simply cut to the desired length on-site with a pair of scissors as the LED tape is cuttable every 5-10cm depending on the type. You can also specify the length of the cable size known as ‘tails’; from 1 – 10m. If you require multiple cuts, add each to the cart individually. Please note – that once custom cut, the items are nonrefundable.

B: Does the LED Tape come with an Aluminium Profile?

We sell each item individually, so this product page is for the led tape/led strip only. Check out related products below for our range of aluminum-led profiles here.

Can I cut the aluminum LED tape?

Yes, it can be cut with a pair of scissors or electrical cutters at specified points.

C: Do you have corner pieces/how do I go around corners?

We don’t do corner pieces for our LED Strip. Forgoing around 90˚ corners, you would need to cut and solder a cable connection join.

D: Do you have to join pieces/ how do I join the LED aluminum profile? 

We don’t do joining pieces for any of our led strips as generally it shouldn’t be installed in single runs longer than 10m due to voltage drop to obtain a continuous appearance. If you do have to join a section or 2 off-cuts, you would need to cut and solder a cable connection join or use a led strip connector. NOTE – LED strip connectors may not fit in all LED profiles please check prior to ordering.

E: What colors is the LED strip available in?

As standard, we stock 3 whites:

– Warm White 3000K

– Natural White  4000K

– Cool white – 6000K

F: What lengths does the LED strip come in?

We typically stock all of our LED Strip in 5m rolls and by the m/cut to size.

G: Is this waterproof? Can it be used outdoors or in bathrooms?

The LED strip itself is available in IP0 non-waterproof & IP65, waterproof/outdoor use. If outdoor or in wet locations, you would need to use suitable waterproof IP-rated LED tape with your installation denoted IP65/waterproof. Note that IP65 is splash-proof and not submergible

H: How do I stop the LEDs spotting/dot effect?

Using a continuous spotless / non-spotting LED Strip such as this one  no spotting / no dotting spotless LED strip / LED tape light

J: What size LED tape / LED strip fits in our LED aluminum profiles?

All of our range of LED strip/led tape fits in any of our profiles, so rest assured when buying both LED tape and LED profile from us, your products are compatible.

K: Where to install the COB LED Strips

COB LED Strips are widely used in instrumentation, monitoring, machine, museums, jewelry, kitchens, fresh food stores, display areas, and so on.

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