What Different Of APA102,SK9822,HD107S,WS2812B, SK6812,WS2811,WS2815,WS2813

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APA102 are using SPI, WS2812B their well-known proprietary protocol. There are more libraries for WS2812B then for APA102 and the WS2812B is better known in the community. The APA102 SPI protocol is faster, for example if you want to build a video display device. Otherwise I’d use the WS2812B as it is better know and supported.

 ws2815 they are the same as ws2812 but 12v which helps with powering them over longer runs plus they have an addtional data line for redundancy so if one led dies the rest are not affected after it.

APA102C: 20+ kHz PWM. Internal LED chip

APA107: 9 kHz PWM.Internal LED chip

HD107s: 26+ kHz PWM (the upgrade of APA107).Internal LED chip

SK9822: 4.7 kHz PWM. Internal LED chip

WS2815 : 2kHz PWM, Internal LED chip

WS2813: 2kHz PWM, Internal LED chip

Apa102c is the same as ws2812b, ws2811, just chip and output wire is different, APA102 Have data and clock, quality is stable too, whose PMW frequency Speed is much better than sk6812 and WS2812B, use big project it is better to use SK9822 and apa102, those who have data and clock, but those led chip, sometimes have a problem, one led is broken another will be affected, now WS2815 and WS2813 led to come out, which one led is broken.

ws2815 1


  • APA107 RGB LED is a type ic for the three-color RGB Diming control strip and

string ,This ic using the CMOS process to provide three-color RGB LED output

driver to adjust the output with 256 gray scale and 32 brightness adjustment ,APA

with 2 signal output way , one is clock ,another is data, the clock and data is

synchronizated ,so that the crystal cascade piece of output movement is


  • The APA102C comes in a package very similar to the WS2812, while the APA102 comes in a package with an increased metallization area to improve heat conduction.
  • APA102: another SPI based chipset, looks promising, packaging similar to the WS2812, but potentially much higher data rates.APA102 uses a standard two-wire SPI protocol – one clock line and one data line. Each LED has two inputs and two outputs which can be daisy-chained. At the first sight, this may seem wasteful, but it has the advantage of being supported by a standard microcontroller periphery and it is insensitive to timing variations. Due to the critical timing requirement, it is not possible to control the WS2812 from SOCs with multitasking operating systems, such as the Raspberry Pi. This should not be an issue with the APA102. Furthermore, the data can be transferred at an almost arbitrary clock rate. I was able to control the LEDs with a 4 MHz SPI clock without any hitch.

WS2812B vs WS2811 vs SK6812

WS2812B: The most well known chip currently is the ws2812b chip. This chip became very famous partly because Adafruit gave it the name “Neopixels” and made it available to the general public a few years ago. They also did a lot of work in creating easy to use libraries for Arduino based controllers. A big advantage of this LED chip compared to its predecessors is that this chip houses all the parts needed inside of the actual LED chip itself. Since the introduction they have quickly become the most affordable LED chip and is readily available from lots of  for cheaper prices then Adafruit tends to sell them. Quality wise there isn’t too much of a difference between vendors since all LED strips and LEDs are manufactured by only a handful of manufacturers around the world.It is 5V chip.

WS2811.:A chip that was released before the ws2812b series we just talked about. LED strips with this variant use an external chip that controls the connected LEDs. Most of these have been replaced by the ws2812b variant because it’s easier to integrate into a product but where size isn’t so much a limitation or another type of LED is desired then a surface mount one the ws2811 chip is still used. For instance Christmas light style LEDs still often use the ws2811 because they use a different LED and the larger form factor of the chip isn’t a problem in that application. An advantage of the ws2811 is that it can also be used with 12v poewr (in certain configurations) but mindful though, sometimes those are only addressable per 3 pixels on the strip in stead of 1!

SK6812: 5V LED Chip, new competitor from the last 3 years or so. This chip is 100% compatible with the ws2812b and is basically a clone of it. It does however introduce interesting features such as RGBW support by adding an extra dedicated white LED for this inside of the package. Not all software supports this but if it does, it enables a whole new color pallet by mixing all the colors + white. This chip runs PWM at about 1.1kHz making it better in the regard to the ws2812b too.

WS2815 vs GS8208 

WS2815: A new chip from the creators of the ws2812b and compatible with the same protocol. Main improvements are a higher internal PWM frequency (around 2kHz but some datasheets also state 8kHz), 12v compatible (5v logic signal) and dual signal wires so that if a chip gets damaged the signal should still reach all other chips. The downside of running 12v is that it often needs to “burn off” power depending on what is being displayed. This causes ws2815 to use more watts then a ws2812b running the same pattern.It is 12V led chip. breakpoint transmission, this feature ensures that the rest of the LEDs in a strip still work even if one or more pixels develop a bad IC

GS8208:A new contender in the Digitally Addressable LED chip market. This chip is 12v compatible, has dual data lines for redundancy purposes and a unique feature where if you do not provide a data signal it will start playing a test pattern on all the LEDs. It features a global 8kHz PWM frequency with constant current drivers per color make it a lot better flicker wise then other strips. If you don’t send any data to the strip it will go into a test mode displaying various patterns, this stops once a data signal is detected. The data signal is ws2812b (clockless) compatible. It is 12v chip.breakpoint transmission, this feature ensures that the rest of the LEDs in a strip still work even if one or more pixels develop a bad IC

To be more easy understand, you can see detail of MSH WS2811 LED Strip Light , WS2815 LED Strip Light, WS2812B LED Strip Light and APA102C LED Strip Lighting. 


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  1. So, are the ws2815 and the Gs8208 the only 12v choosers that allow cutting after each pixel, instead of every 3 pixels? I’m going to be running led strips on my house outlines and want 12v but want the flexibity to cut in shorter increments .

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