SM16703 30m Pixel Light Do 5 Pointed Star

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When I watch that video, It is amazing for me. Yes, My friend Toots makes a 5 pointed star with 30mm pixel light, firstly I think he takes it for proof decoration. that is another way to show the 30mm pixel light.

12V 30mm pixel light with wifi sp108E controller to come ture programming.


IC: SM16703

Size: 30mm 

Waterproof: IP65

Color: Full color

String: 30pcs per string

SP108E Controller

 Support WS2811, UCS1903, UCS512, DMX, SM16703 etc.

Item Type: WIFI SPI LED Controller

Features: Pixel controller

Certification: CCC,RoHS,CE

Voltage: DC5-24V

Warranty: 2 years

Model Number: SP108E pixel controller


Control Method: Wifi APP



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