WS2815 12V 60 LED/m white S shape multi coloured best smart individually addressable led strip

It is DC12V, 12W, WS2815 IC, 2 Ounce thick copper FPC, 60pcs RGB LEDs & 60pcs WS2815 S shape Full color led tape light.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 5 cm


IP Rate

IP20 Non-waterproof, IP65 Waterproof, IP67 Waterproof





Price range:$5.00$6.00 – $24.00, Stock: More than 1000 pieces

Details about WS2815 12V 60 LED/m white S shape multi coloured best smart individually addressable led strip


led type Epistar chip SMD 5050 RGB

Product color RGB full color addressable

PCB color: black/white

PCB width 8mm

Luminous angle 120°

Number of led 60 leds/m

Power 12W

Voltage 12V

Color: Full-Color 24-bit

Installation 3M backing, easy to install

IP rating IP20

Package 5m/pan, static bag, or customized package

Application Indoor/outdoor decorative lighting, ceiling lighting, signage lighting, etc.

1)Addressable full color led strip — WS2815 IC inside the lamp beads

2)60pcs led per meter

3)Microcontroller control ——1 IC 1led light beads

4)Standard reel length:5m/roll also can be customized.

5)Cutting:1 integrated RGB led per segment, each 1LED can be cut.

You can easily cut this product with scissors opening

There are scissors opening every 3.33cm where you can cut

6)Power supply: you must use a 12V DC power supply to power, don’t exceed 12V, otherwise, you will destroy the whole led strip.

7)3 pin JST SM connector(not waterproof) soldered on both ends of the PCB, add 2 wires at the input side to supply power

8)Custom length is available

1.SPI signal: LED strip + LED power supply + LED controller

  1. DMX control: LED strip + LED power + DMX controller + DMX decoder

3.LED controller: t series SD card controller, RF remote controller.DMX controller (offline / online PC)

Power supply: switching power supply/adapter

Controller and power supply

WS2815 – benefits

Using tape led lights based on WS2815:

  • Power supply with 12V – it is much easier to provide a proper amount of power compared to 5V LED strips. Less current, less power wasted
  • MUCH more reliable strips. When a single chip/LED fails – the rest of the strip is working. Only the failure of two subsequent chips will turn off the rest of the tape
  • Chip is integrated with LED – the clean and aesthetic design

Wide Compatibility:

Can be controlled by Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Fadecandy, K1000C, SP105E, SP107E, SP110E, etc.  

12V WS2815 LED Strip:

WS2815 LED Strip lights bedroom is an upgraded version of the 5V WS2812B LED strip. For a 5M LED strip, even if all the LEDs are turned on full white, the 12V version has no voltage drop. You don’t need to inject power as frequently as the 5V version. 

Individually addressable:

Each pixel can have its own color and brightness. You can control it individually and set them to any color or animation you want. 256 brightness display and 24-bit color display. 

Dual-Signal Wires:

WS2815 TV LED Light strip is Similar to the version of the 5V WS2813 LED strip, Designed with one data wire and one backup data wire. Signal break-point continuous transmission. If one LED is damaged, the following LEDs can still work. 

Easy Installation:

Self-adhesive tape on back FOR IP30/IP65, it can be fixed on any dry and flat surface without any screws and clips. Each LED can be cut off at the cutting line.

There are 4-pin JST SM connectors and separated power/ground wires on both ends, which make it easy to hook up each other and wire for power.

Sure, we can ship via DHL, Fedex, UPS express, It is door to door, fast shipping ways.

No MOQ in MSH, small and large demand are welcome.

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