DC24V DMX WiFi/ RF/ APP/ Blue Music Colorful Addressable Controller 2048Pixels

It is a Music wifi SD Card controller for full-color Strip, digital pixel light.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 5 cm
Input Voltage



WS2811, UCS1903, 1909,1912, 2903, 2904, 2909,2912;TM1803,1804,1809,1812,SM16716,16726,WS2801,LPD1886, DMX, LPD6803, LX1003,1203,WS2801, LPD1886, TM1913, TM1914, P9883,P9823, DMX 500K, DMX 250K-CZF, DMX 250K-CZF, P9813, UCS512


L 120* W 65* H 24 mm

IP Rate


Price range:$13.00$50.00 – $24.00, Stock: More than 1000 pieces

Details about DC24V DMX WiFi/ RF/ APP/ Blue Music Colorful Addressable Controller 2048Pixels

Built-in music spectrum, real-time writing, more than 250 dynamic effects.

A powerful amount controller

Light changes with the rhythm to enhance the atmosphere of the scene, built-in more than 250 effects customization list loop playback


Specific Parameter:

Normal Physical  parameter
Item LC2000B App Android App
 Size L120*W65*H24(mm) Material Aluminum cover
Pixel 2048*4/2 port (Max is 8192) Package High box
Voltage   DC12-24V IC RGB IC, WS2811, sk6812, ws2815, apa102c,
ucs1903, ucs512, sk6813, gs8208, gs8206
Signal 2.4G wifi Function Music spectrum effects, 250+ dynamic effects,
dynamic color grading, DIY writing, custom playlists

Product Datalist when shipping


Lighting No more rigid
Music Spectrum + Real-time Writing
Built-in music real-time spectrum effect and real-time writing effect, so that the lighting is no longer rigid,

and the lighting effect is completely integrated into the environment and music. The built-in real-time writing

the function can be modified at any time with the cell phone terminal, and the first time through the lighting text show!
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6 features: customized to meet user requirements

Music Spectrum

Real-time Writing

Arbitrary Color Tuning

Wifi Control

Custom Lists

Various Effects

1)Multiple Music Modes Music Spectrum, Music Control Speed and Brightness

—Music Spectrum – Light Changes with Music

2)App side input text, characters, patterns can be displayed in real-time

—–Real-time Writing – Customize Display Content



3)250+ built-in motion effects


Custom List Play

Pick your favorite effect and play it on a loop.


Wireless Wifi, Free Link.


Free connection terminal, 2 sets of interfaces for any use
Output 4 or 2 signals without cascading.

lc controller

Lc2000b Controller Wifi


1, input voltage: DC12V-24V (* case marked DC5V-24V is inaccurate, the controller can control 5-24V slideshow,

but the controller power supply must be 12V or 24V, if the 5V strip, then the strip and the controller must be powered separately)
2. 2048 points max*2CH
3.4 Text Playback Mode, 6 Music Mode, 243 Horse Racing Mode
4, RGB light sequence adjustable
5, 32-speed regulation
6, Power-down memory function
7, cascadable, the first controller defaults to the host after cascading.
8, Music Control Function
9, Text Playback Function
10, WIFI connectivity, app control (currently Android only)

led app
ws2812b strip with wifi  




Sure, we can ship via DHL, Fedex, UPS express, It is door to door, fast shipping ways.

No MOQ in MSH, small and large demand are welcome.

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