DC5-24V SP002E Mini RGB SPI Micro-Controller for Addressable WS2811 WS2812B LED Strip-2048

Mini RGB LED controller is suitable for WS2812, WS2811 chip-based LEDs. Works in various modes and speeds. 3 tactile switches on the module to switch the display function mode and variation speed. SP002E is low cost and easy to use. Supports 76 different display functions.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Price range:$2.00 – $24.00, Stock: More than 1000 pieces

Details about DC5-24V SP002E Mini RGB SPI Micro-Controller for Addressable WS2811 WS2812B LED Strip-2048

I. Features.


1、 Stable performance, good operability, simple and convenient wiring.

2, support customization of basically all single-line or dual-line LED driver ICs on the market.

3, comes with 76 kinds of pattern effects, dazzling and agile.

4、 Up to 2048 pixel points.

5、 Power supply with anti-reverse connection function.

The second, the key function.


Forward to select the pattern effect


Cycle to select the speed


Backward selection of pattern effects


Press MODE+ and MODE- at the same time and then release to enter automatic mode


III. Parameters.


Operating voltage: 5V or 12V DC voltage input.

Power consumption: less than 1W.

Currently supported ICs: WS2801, WS2811, LPD6803, LPD8806, TM1809, UCS1903, UCS9812, APA102, APA104; support customization of other ICs.

Note: Please confirm the power supply voltage before power-up.


IV. Application wiring diagram.

wifi controller
rgb music controller

WS2811 mini controller

1. Wiring

The controller has three leads, of which red represents the positive power line (VCC), white (two: respectively, signal ground and power ground) represents the ground line (GND), green represents the pin signal line (DIN).

Microcontroller and light string connection: 3 leads are connected correspondingly, generally the red, white and green of the microcontroller and the positive, signal and negative of the light string correspond to each other.

Then the red wire is connected to the positive terminal of the external DC power supply, and the black wire is connected to the negative terminal of the external DC power supply, that is, the external DC power supply both to the microcontroller and to the light string.

2. Operation instructions

Before powering on, observe whether the power supply is the same as the working voltage of the controller (the controller has two kinds of 5V and 12V), and make sure there is no short circuit between the connection lines.

The mini controller has 3 buttons.

wifi controller





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