P100, P55 LED Pixel Light Screen for Huge Building Customized Pixel Pitch, Surface Mounted Aluminium Outdoor Pixel LED Light Display, For Decoration,

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This type of led screen is mostly used for installation on the huge building surface and displays words, pictures, and videos on the buildings for advertising or lighting purposes. The features of this type of product are much less costly than traditional led screens, super lightweight, low power consumption, easy to install and maintain.

1)It can do P100, P50 pitch distance. We use WS2818 IC for the pixel screen.

Each square meter is 100led, 400led. 

2)The length and width can be customized, according to your building or Panel to do.

It can do 9meter, 2 meters, 15meter, 10meter and so on.

3) Easy installation: good flexibility, easy installation, can be arbitrary bending.

4)Dream color lighting: Match use controllers can appear colorful curtain-up/ Chasing/ Flow Water/Raindrop/Jump flash and so on hundreds of lighting effects, you can also edit animation effects by Coreldraw/Flash/LEDEdit2020 software. One customer Pixel effect as below link.


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