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Everyone loves LED lights because they last longer and are more efficient than traditional bulbs. LED lights are also safer and require less maintenance than conventional types of lighting. LED lights, on the other hand, are not all made equal.

Chip-on-board (COB) LEDs and surface-mount diode (SMD) LEDs are the two types of LED downlights. Both downlight options create high-quality light, and they are built to last and operate well. They do, however, have certain significant benefits over one another.

The following are the distinctions between SMD and COB LEDs, as well as which is preferable for your home or business.

What are the COB LED strips?


Because all of the LEDs in COB LED strips are concentrated in one place, they require greater cooling capacity. As a result, a big heat sink will be installed in that region to dissipate the heat. Due to the added cost of the heat sink, COB LEDs can be slightly more expensive than SMD LEDs.

COB chips typically have 9 or more diodes. COB chips feature only one circuit and two connectors, regardless of the number of diodes. Because of this simple circuit structure, COB LED lamps to have a panel-like appearance. COB LED lamps, on the other hand, cannot be used to make color-changing lamps, unlike SMD LED lamps. Because there are just two contacts and one circuit, this is the case.

COB lights are primarily employed in monochromatic applications but are not used in more diversified technologies.

What is an SMD LED lamp, and how does it work?

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SMD LED strips to produce 50-100 lumens per watt, allowing you to get more light while using less power. SMD LED lights are more efficient in terms of brightness, while COD LED strips are more efficient in terms of efficiency.

SMD LEDs don’t need as much heat sink as COB LEDs because they emit a wider beam. As a result, SMD LEDs could be less expensive. For even light dispersion and to conceal the chip array inside the bulb, these lamps incorporate frosted reflectors.

SMD LED chips to come in a range of shapes and sizes. SMD LEDs, such as the 5mm wide SMD 5050 LED strip, can accommodate chips with intricate designs. SMD 2835 LED strips, on the other hand, come in a variety of widths.

SMD chips are small and compact, and their architecture is nearly identical to that of a flat, square computer chip. When comparing COB with SMD lights, the number of connections and diodes on SMD LED chips is one of their distinctive features. SMD chips have more than two connections and up to three diodes, each with its own circuit.

When comparing COB LED vs SMD LED, the configuration of SMD chips makes them more adaptable. The red, green, and blue diodes on the SMD chip can be combined to create practically any color by altering the output level.

What are the advantages of the COB LED?

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COB LED bulbs, on the whole, are higher-quality light sources. This is because they use reflectors to create focused and controlled light. The frosted lenses that come standard with SMD LED lights are also missing. As a result, expect brighter, more clear lighting. As a result, COB LED bulbs are particularly effective in locations with high ceilings.

COB LEDs are higher-end LED lamps with a more architectural design; COB LED strips are the ideal option if you plan to use LED downlights for a long time. If you are placing LED strips in an investment property, SMD lights will suffice.

What are the advantages of using SMD LED lights?

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SMD LED lights, as previously said, are an excellent choice if you want to flood your lights over a large area. You can use them to add brightness to a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. SMD lights have a higher glare and have a stronger impact in dark places when compared to LED COB lights.

Production Efficiency Differences Between COB and SMD Lights

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When compared to COB LED lights, SMD LED lamps to have lesser productivity. Because COB lights produce fewer lumens per watt, they are energy efficient.

the quality of the light source

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SMDs are light sources that are created by merging numerous light sources. For point light sources and glare, discrete SMD devices are available. Surface light, on the other hand, is referred to as COB. Without a halo, the light is more uniform, and the COB angle beam is easily changed. COB lamps, unlike SMDs, do not have a spotlight or glare.

The Manufacturing Process

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SMD LED chips are made of conductive insulating adhesive and are coated on the pads of the bead holders before being soldered to the same conductivity as the COB package. They are enclosed in epoxy resin, separated, cut, taped, and transported to the screen factory after passing the performance test.

COB: COB LED chips are directly mounted to the pads of the bead holders on the PCB board using conductive and insulating adhesive, and then soldered to the conductivity of the LED chips.


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Labor and production costs contribute to approximately 15% of the material costs of typical SMD lamp beads.

COB beads: Labor and production costs contribute to around 10% of the COB-LED bead’s material cost. COB LED beads can save up to 5% on labor and manufacturing costs.

Options for Color Temperature

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SMD can satisfy a number of color temperature possibilities for bespoke led lamps due to its physical properties, but COB is usually a single color temperature.

Useful Applications

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The practical use of COB and SMD lamps is determined by the brightness and color temperature options they provide, which are determined by the differences in growth between COB and SMD LEDs. SMD 2835 LED strips are used to brightly illuminate dark regions. It is frequently utilized in architectural buildings to draw attention to specific architectural aspects.

COB LED lights can withstand extreme temperatures and have a bright future in the street and industrial lighting.

Which LED is the brightest and best?

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When deciding between COB and SMD LED lamps, three aspects must be taken into consideration.

Efficiency in Energy

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When you use LED lights, you may expect to save a lot of energy in general. As a result, they are becoming increasingly popular and the most sought-after light source, in contrast to filament bulbs.

With this in mind, both SMD and COB LEDs will be extremely energy efficient. It’s critical to realize that the amount of energy consumed varies depending on the lumens used. The device will be more energy-efficient if the lumen is higher.

Efficiency in terms of cost

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LED lights are less expensive than other types of lighting. They’re made to last longer and use less energy than similar products. You will need to make a higher initial commitment than normal, but it will be well worth it. SMD LEDs will be more expensive than COB LEDs in terms of production costs.


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The brightness is influenced by the lumens produced by the chips used. LED lights, in general, produce a brighter light than other light sources. This is due to the fact that they have more lumens.

A lumen per watt measurement of 50 to 100 is used for SMD LEDs. This means that less energy is used even at high brightness levels. The lumens of COBs, on the other hand, are bigger than those of SMDs. A minimum standard of 80 lumens per watt is employed. The brightness and quality of COB-powered bulbs are improved as a result.


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There’s no denying that LED lights exceed other light sources in terms of performance and energy efficiency. As a result, embracing them is critical if you want to maximize your possibilities and select the best manufacturer.

If you’ve been trying to figure out what COB and SMD are, maybe this article has cleared things up for you.

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