Lao Tang see “double 11”: LED industry 11 tricks and 11 recommendations

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The world is changing so much in the midst of an epidemic that anything is possible!

6.19 There was an outbreak of Xinguan epidemic in Xinfadi market in the capital, which made it difficult for Beijingers to leave their homes, and in some places they were not even allowed to enter. At that time, I was glad that I hadn’t been there recently. However, on 11.11, it was the turn of Mordor, especially Pudong. Shanghai people’s code scanning has gone red. This new crown is like a pie in the sky, when and where it will hit whoever, who knows!

The earth is still turning, and the epidemic will spread. It seems that fighting the epidemic and being active at the same time is a normal part of life! Ma Mou is not an alien, after all. An out-of-the-ordinary speech, then was interviewed, its companies listed on the market was pressed the pause button. In the final analysis, this company is to play the game of money, money, all things look at the nature, flickering excessive is not to add to the chaos is to add to the congestion. Reality tells us: the world can be without a platform, but never without an entity! Just as the darkness of the world must be illuminated by light, so it is we who illuminate the world.

11 Articles Technique

1. Combined pole type. Street lights generally have poles, not necessarily in Europe, but also in the wire, because their streets are narrower, pulling the line on both sides, and hanging a light in the middle on everything. In China, however, it was always a lamp-post. Today, it is not called a pole, such as Shanghai, the city called the combination of poles, because to open the exhibition, the line in the air are to enter the underground public corridor. Multiple poles in one, one pole has become a must. The government has set up a special department to manage, the national grid is only responsible for power supply is the main, look at this year’s bidding and winning bids will be clear.

Qualification Requirements

1. The bidding supplier shall have any one of the following qualifications, provided that the qualifications in each of them are also met.

Article 1: A-grade professional design qualification for road engineering in the municipal industry (including comprehensive qualification), and a general contracting qualification for municipal public works construction and above.

Article 2: Class A professional design qualification (including comprehensive qualification) for road engineering in the municipal industry, and Class I professional contracting for electronic and intellectualized engineering.

2. The project manager of the construction part of the project must have a municipal engineering professional or electromechanical professional level one or above construction engineer registration certificate and the project manager himself has a safety production examination certificate issued by the Shanghai Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Administrative Committee, and is not a project manager of other construction projects in progress; the project manager of the design part of the project must have a registered structural engineer or registered electrical engineer. Certificate.

Who wins the bid, who is the boss? The rules of the game have changed!

What double A qualification, here no longer work.

Figure: Shanghai 2020 bidding announcement: by far the largest combined project totaling 1.7 billion, seven units won the bid, none of the lighting companies.

No fitting poles, no street lights.

2. Integrative. In the era of “Internet+”, it is difficult to continue to be stagnant. Cross-border cooperation is the way to go. For example, if you can’t be the protagonist, you have to be willing to do a supporting role, and only by better integration can you get a share of the pie. Of course you work hard enough, like the lighting industry in Shenzhen, actively compete for the lead role, the light poles resolutely called: intelligent light poles, but also specifically set up a body-level companies and associations, the spirit of which is really commendable. In the spirit of “my turf my master” spirit, after all, the original institutions will not change so quickly, lighting people still have a lot of opportunities. How to do a good job “street lighting +”, must be considered. Good in this regard, each has its own addition, some own +, some looking for people +, all want to form their own system. Those who can’t do the main character are willing to do a supporting role and serve well. Integration is the most important thing, never stray.

If you don’t blend in, you don’t exist.

3. Immersive. Culture and travel lighting is the most attention-grabbing big market, the hottest word, called immersion, is to let you immerse yourself. I went to Shanxi a few years ago and saw “Pingyao” directed by Dynasty Ge, which is a typical experiential scene, and every movie has a strong sense of immersion, so I changed the scene. In the Shanghai World Expo Park, there is a teamlab unbounded art museum, which uses 480 mainframes, 470 projectors and 980 sets of light beams to create an art museum without a map in a space of 6600 square meters. Among them, “Forest of Lights” and “Forest of Flowers and People” are stunningly beautiful! Immersion will become an industry, and will become the value proposition for post-80s and post-90s consumers. The desire to perceive a sense of interaction, narrative, privacy, play and art in the immersive experience. The total value of China’s immersion industry in 2019 is 4.82 billion yuan, and the number of immersive experiences is 1,100. We have entered the era of immersion, it is not the future, it is happening.

No immersion, no lighting.

4. Up and down. Online and offline, online running traffic, online by experience. Statistics, the current consumption of the main body is already after 90 and after 0, accounting for about 35%. The Double Eleven, Lei Shi Lin Liang Qi President invited the Queen of the goods live lighting lamps Viya, just one minute sold out 50,000 units. It’s worth trying, and it’s probably the norm. To ask yourself: will you anchor? Do you have an anchor? Do you carry the goods? Do you have someone to bring you the goods? Do you watch Jitterbug? Can you jitterbug? When we raise or discuss these issues, some of our friends will dismissively say, “I’m not playing! It may seem righteous, but it’s not moving with the times. If you look at “Morning News”, you’ll see the Gree Dong Mingzhu store, which has reportedly become the company’s main sales channel.

Even the strong woman Dong Mingzhu is yelling online, can you be indifferent?

Not up and down, not hot-selling.

5. Smart type. Intelligent era has come to a consensus in the future, two or three years ago, the ancient town of “Starlight Alliance” to do intelligent lighting only one or two. Today you go to see, has rapidly developed to dozens. Even the United States LUTRON company will cooperate with distributors to open experience places. Smart business lighting, smart office and even smart home, all need to be smart. One of the most important things is to control it wirelessly. This applies to new decorations as well as old renovations. Domestic manufacturers generally choose WIFI or Bluetooth, while Lutron prefers an 868 MHz RF system. Lutron’s preferred system is 868 MHz RF, which has proven to be much more reliable, since it is, after all, an application to the national wireless authority that is approved for use. In an era of rapid change, people’s growing demand for better lighting is exactly what we are striving for, and smart is just the most appropriate means.

No intelligence, no convenience.

6. Comprehensive. In the lighting industry, there is little mention of whole-house lighting or even comprehensive lighting, and I was puzzled at first, but when I went to a major international manufacturer, it suddenly dawned on me that it had a great relationship with the leader. No. Did OSRAM get involved? Does OSRAM get involved? Neither. Does Philips power up? It seems to come later. The key to total lighting is LUTRON’s practice of blending and adjusting natural and artificial light, which is probably the best match for light. How do you maximize the effective use of natural as well as sunlight? The most effective way to adjust is with curtains. The lights and curtains to adjust the application has a lot of knowledge and a lot of market space, but in the lighting industry attention to not many manufacturers, I thought: who can foresight, who will lead the way. You look at the millet of the whole house lighting, curtains in the list. Thus it seems that comprehensive lighting can make full use of natural light, but also to save a lot of electricity, why do not we enjoy it?

Incomplete, no dimming.

7. Orphic. The orphan light is going to come whether you say it will or won’t. It’s a fad to see the light without seeing it. Seeing the light but not the light is a fashion. It’s simple, bright, airy, and saves money. Right after hitting the 90’s and 100’s, the prices are already expensive and not spacious, so why blind yourself with the main lights! As chip technology continues to improve, linear light sources and spotlights are bright enough to replace the main light, plus they can be integrated into decorations, so it’s hard not to see a trend. Of course not the main lamp without demand, after all, has been popular for so many years, there are still many people like. For example: fresh and extravagant, luxurious and tall, overflowing color flow gold or a large enough market. The palace is still there, always have to use; loot is endless, always have to buy. An ancient town specializing in luxury lamps boss said: it does not matter, sell a single or two, a week or a month of this will come back!

No lights, no glare.

8. Health type. Health lighting, especially after the epidemic came more and more attention to people, what human lighting, lighting, lighting, rhythm lighting, sleep lighting came into being. The selling point of innovation, not only stop at color temperature and significant finger, but also involves the full spectrum, and some even studied the human biological clock and nervous system and the like. For example, the golden yellow light developed by Academician Jiang Feng Yi’s team is famous for its pure LED (rephosphorized) light, which won the award from Nobel Prize winner Shuji Nakamura. I have been to Norway’s one of the world’s longest road tunnel, a total length of 24.51 kilometers, its lighting design is said to be a neurologist, in a long tunnel will be set aside a section of blue light area, in order to adjust the driver’s visual comfort, to ensure traffic safety. Healthy lighting is still in its infancy, with a wide scope and much research involved, and a long way to go.

No health, no lighting.

9. sterilized. Not black humor, a former good colleague told me that he is now the chairman of the board, and that he was entrusted with a crisis. At the end of last year, the company was on the verge of collapse, but the new crown arrived unannounced and brought good luck. The company’s original less popular UVC LED suddenly sold well, despite the full load of overtime, or demand exceeded supply. This is called: a great misfortune will not die, will be blessed. This also tells us that the lighting market has changed dramatically during the epidemic, and that sterilization lamps may be necessary for human survival. Both traditional UV mercury lamps and UVC LEDs have a wide range of applications. Recently, I have seen a 222nm product, made of non-LED semiconductors. It is said to be very effective in sterilization, and does not hurt the eyes or burn the skin, but the price is not yet friendly enough. It is expected that in time, all kinds of sterilization products will be available, which is the need of the times.

No sterilization, no life.

10. Pastoral. Whether affected by the epidemic, the demand for industrial hemp in North America is strong, leading to the hot sale of plant lights, especially the “one red, four white” light formula is very popular. My friends in Wuxi told me that the demand for forage lights in foreign countries is gradually increasing, and they are using an atomization process, which is a pleasant surprise. Lighting people can learn from Yuan Longping academician, in the forage lamp, so that cattle and sheep in winter can eat fresh forage, which should be so meaningful. What a huge market there should be in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Qinghai in China. It would definitely benefit the ecological structure and nutritional balance of cattle and sheep. The teachers at Peking University told me that the pigs they raise don’t get distemper and grow happily because they use different spectrum lights. The market for plant lights is just the beginning, and the countryside is a vast place for them. Vegetables, insects, animal husbandry, and farming are all worth trying.

No action, no glory.

11. Double cycle. China is not only a big manufacturing country, but also a big creative country, and a big market country in the world. The domestic-oriented cycle drives the global cycle. Once a year, Guangzhou Photo Exhibition is the concentration of the global market, which deserves your attention. There is an image, in the nineteen exhibition halls, there seems to be a lack of a central venue, in the current words, the lack of a net red museum. It feels like we have lost our way by not having international big-name companies show up? In fact, these big-name companies are also here, but in a way to rub the heat of the way has been, it does not cost money and can be bright, so why not? Here, I would like to make some suggestions: brand manufacturers should come, otherwise they will be replaced. Secondly, the exhibitors should strengthen the cultural confidence, “I am the direction”. Third, manufacturers should cooperate with designers, only the China Lighting Association training of the existing more than 8,000 people. We are not short of designers, what is lacking is how the two sides work closely together. Not only to show products, but also to do a little extension, systems and scenes, so that more will be fascinating to win the popularity and business opportunities.

No cycle, no stopping.

11 items  Suggestions

1. Emphasize talents. We should firmly establish the concept of talent first. Nowadays, “North China, Guangzhou, Shenzhen” has introduced various preferential policies to grab talents, which is worthy of our enterprise’s reference and emulation.

2. Grasp research and development. We like to bring in the doctrine, prefer twice innovation. In the ancient town of the exhibition on a boss told me that our circle of floodlights almost and super-frequency three long like, “he out of one, I with a.” The problem is not a single small business, that is, large enterprises. The problem is not a single small business, or large enterprises and even listed companies rarely have R & D departments. When I worked at Samsung, people not only with existing product researchers, there are the next generation of technical staff to follow up at the same time.

Quality. Due to the excellent performance of LED and market demand, price competition is no longer the main item, why do we still go with the price of bayonet? There is quality, and then there is a brand. It is said that there has been a change in the outdoor market, one factory, one product, has gradually become the consensus.

4. Out of the product. An entity still depends on the product to speak, only a tough product will have a tough business. This is hard work, to practice hard experience, a hundred steel.

5. With central enterprises. If we want to get a share of the new infrastructure, we must follow the central enterprises firmly and never relax.

6. On the highway. I’ve always wanted to promote the installation of highway lights and even wisdom light poles, this time to the Henan Lighting Association meeting, people early in the highway installed 32 km, the effect is very good. But I do not know why the country did not promote? As of 2019, China’s total road mileage is 4,846,500 kilometers, with 142,000 kilometers of highways, ranking first in the world. Intelligent traffic and intelligent light poles, this is a new issue, and will be a huge market.

7. Seek cooperation. Small and medium-sized enterprises should take the initiative to grab a big hand with a small one, and large enterprises should be magnanimous to pull a small hand with a big one, which is the most important in the rapidly changing market.

8. Find a gap. Positive competition is not always a good idea, especially for small and micro enterprises, how to find market segments that large enterprises are reluctant to do, picking up the pieces is a way to survive.

9. Set focus. Yang Yang’s long focus on one thing, adhere to the same. Such as can learn to create a road, 60 years to do only one thing whole house dimming, neither forward nor extend, practice into the industry’s high-end guide.

10. Micro-innovation. For lighting companies, micro-innovation is the eternal theme, in the case of limited human and financial resources as far as possible to achieve “multi-talented, multi-mode”.

11. Avoid blindness. The development of products must be thought twice before acting, not to follow the crowd, blindly follow the trend – epidemic came to do a mask, travel to do light cast. There should be a market entry point, a professional follow-up, but also consider the input and output. It is important to have the stockholder’s consciousness, “the stock market has risks, investment needs to be cautious.

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