How To Connect CCT 2216 LED Strip With CCT Controller

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What is CCT LED light strip

CCT here refers to control color temperature, that is, the color temperature of the led strip can be adjusted to change between warm white color and white color.

a CCT led strip is made of LED, there are two colors of white light and warm white light. White color temperature is 2700K, the warm white temperature is 6500K, the commonly used lamp beads for 2835 single cup LED or 5050 single cups LED.

The led strip can have a color temperature adjustment range of 2700K~6500K during use, which makes the color temperature selection more flexible in lighting application scenarios.

b, RGBW led strip light is made of RGBW quadruple LED. RGBW led strip light can not only achieve the color changing effect of RGB led strip light, but also bring another monochromatic light to meet the more demanding monochromatic lighting requirements.

c, RGBCCT led strip light is the upgraded version of the RGBW led strip.

RGBCCT led strip light is made of a five-in-one LED. Instead of having a fixed color temperature like the white light in RGBW LED strip light, it has two color temperature LED chips: one is a warm white light, usually 2700K, and the other is white light, with a color temperature usually 6500K.

CCT LED strip can be with SMD2835, 

CCT LED Strip with SMD2216 LED

CCT LED Strip with COB LED

cob ccts

CCT LED Strip with SMD5050 LED

Three way to connect power supply for CCT led strip, If you are the first time to use CCT strip, you can with the below picture to connect. choose a convenient way to install.

The last and import to image double color in one strip is CCT controller

We will introduce the CCT controller below.

It is a DC12v-24v controller, with a power supply directly.

Strip V+ to Controller V+, Strip CW to controller CW, Strip WW to+ Controller WW        

Yes, you can with other CCT controllers too, try yourself to find more good for your CCT controller.

mi light

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