How To Choose LED Strip Lights For Kitchen Cabinets

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One of the most critical aspects of your kitchen is lighting. It not only allows you to see what is being chopped or stirred in a pan, but it also gives your kitchen a distinct look and feel.

While many homes prioritize overhead lighting, under cabinet lighting should also be considered. The numerous light fixtures that are installed at the base of the cabinets are referred to as this word. These lights can be used to light work areas, as well as for adornment. In this extensive analysis, we compare numerous forms of under-cabinet lighting. We also offer some purchasing advice for wholesale LED light strips, highlighting the main characteristics to look for when shopping for cabinet lights.

What you’ll Need to Light Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

led strip lighting

1) For recessed lighting, the 3528 CCT adjustable strip, the 5730 LED strip, and the built-in 4-in-1 5050 RGBW strip for decorative lighting during wall illumination, we propose the 3528 CCT adjustable strip, the 5730 LED strip, and the built-in 4-in-1 5050 RGBW strip.

2) For both strips, you can use anywhere from 60 to 120 LEDs/m depending on the light intensity you want.

3) The length of the strips is dictated by the wall’s dimensions. LED strip connectors can be used to connect the strips together as well as to the power source.

4) Calculate the wattage required to run the strip by multiplying the length of the strip in watts/m. A distance of 20 meters

For a 5730 LED strip, for example, 20m 13w/m = 260w is required.

5) You can easily alter the color temperature and brightness of the LED strip with the LED strip controller.

“With color-changing smart bulbs or smart LED strips, you can set the brightness and color of the light to suit what you’re doing; whether you want a cool blue interior shade to perfectly illuminate your worktop while cooking or a cozy heater that makes noise when you sit down to eat, you can set the brightness and color of the light to suit what you’re doing.”

“Smart lighting also allows you to quickly integrate color into a neutral kitchen, creating some lovely designs that lend warmth and texture to even the most blank of canvases.”

 Kitchen Cabinets LED Strip Lighting Ideas

I. Under the Cabinets

led lighting

Run LED Lights from the bottom of your wall kitchen or to the kitchen If your kitchen has a row of wall cabinets, Then, based on your kitchen decoration style and preferences, tint the hue to your taste to give your kitchen a new vibe.

II. Above the Cabinets

curtain light

Install LED strips at the joints if your cabinets are mounted to the ceiling. You may create an entirely different mood in the kitchen by changing the color of the lights. If possible, match it to the lighting effect in the living room to bring the entire space into equilibrium.

III. Floor Cabinet Lights

led lighting strip

Aside from the wall cabinets, LED lights can be installed in-floor cabinets to match the lights in the wall compartments. Set your chosen color or other lighting effects at different areas after you’ve installed all of the strips. You’ll be given a completely new, comfortable kitchen. You may adjust it to whatever you like, whether it’s warm, bright, or romantic,  it’s easy to change it as you wish.

How to Pick the Right LED Strip Lighting Kit for Your Kitchen Cabinets

led strip lights change color

Waterproof: The kitchen lights should be waterproof. To avoid being harmed by water, it is essential to purchasing waterproof LED strips.

waterproof light

Adjustable: People require various types of lighting based on the weather, the time of day, and even their mood. An adjustable LED light bar can be used in a variety of circumstances. Turn the cabinet lights brighter if the weather is dreary and dismal. You don’t need particularly bright lights to create a warm kitchen ambiance, so decrease them to make it appear cozier.

Color: It is generally known that different hues elicit distinct moods and atmospheres. It is not an exaggeration to state that the lighting in the kitchen can influence one’s appetite. The light bar’s color can be classified as sunny white2000K, warm white 2700K, natural white 4000K, Cool White 6000K, RGB, and dreamy hues, which blend many light colors. To make the kitchen feel warmer and more natural, use lights in red, orange, or other colors.

How to Install LED Light Strip for Kitchens

Step1 : measure the area where the LED tape will be installed and cut the LED tape to length at the closest cut point.


There are many varieties of MSH LED Strips Light, and your kitchen may require a different type than the rest. To begin, you must select the appropriate LED lights. You should first determine the size of your kitchen before selecting a waterproof strip (e.g. IP rating of 65). You can also customize the strip color and other elements as desired.

Step 2: Clean cabinet surface


Before installing the LED strip lights on the cabinets, make sure the cabinet surface is clean and dry.

Step 3: Open the packaging of the LED strip and adhere it to the cabinet.


Remove the LED strip from its box. If the strip is too long, cut it off following the cut point above, then pull it off and stick it on the cabinet.

Step 4: Plug it in to start the light


A controller and an adaptor are included in the MSH LED light kit. To use, connect them to the strip and plug them in. Note: If the electricity is connected in the wrong direction, it will not work.

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