How To Choose 2216 LED Strip For Your Marketing And Project, 6 Top Reasons For Your Reference.

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The great advantage of LED type 2216 is its compact size (only 22x16mm) which allows a high density LED pitch on a strip with only 10mm width. Therefore the strip fits in all usual glass profiles and is a perfect choice for all side-illumination applications like signage illumination or glass shelves etc.

With CRI>90° the strip guarantees for a very high colour quality that satisfies the highest demands..

1, LED Component: 2216 LED Small Size and lower cost

A:2216 SMD LED is a kind of new SMD LED component with heat dissipation pad, and it has similar power and lumen output with normal 2835. Besides, being at 2.2mm (length) *1.6mm(Width), 2216 has a much more slim body.    

 B:Small size and thinner, wide angle, Production efficiency is higher than big size, it saves big low cost. moreover.

2, Price: MSH LED Price

2216 CRI 90-95 flexible LED Strips are very competitive compared with the 2835 CRI 90 strips. For the price list of abrightled 2216 CRI 90-95 LED Flex strips, please feel free to contact us.

3, CRI: 2216 LED CRI>90

Has a very nice effect of Color Rendering index, and CRI90, CRI 95-97 2217 LED Tape is very competitive compared with CRI 90 3528 and 2835 LED.

and 2216 Flex LED tape can satisfy customers’ requirements on higher CRI. 

 4, Performance: Waterproof techies are more simple than 2835 strips, Good for projects.  

A: Has very nic Uniformity, and high light efficiency.

B: High density led, can not see the led point in the aluminum profile, more suitable for aluminum profile.

5,Market Competition & Good for color consistency      

A:2835 has shadow around itself.  

B:2216 light is more evens, no shadow. The 2216 flexible LED strips have many features, such as design of heat dissipation pad, high color rendering index CRI 90-95.   

6, Diversified series & Flexible design 

The 2216 size is smaller than 2835, so the design is more flexible. It is more suitable for irregular installation, it can have 60LED/M, 120LED/M, 240LED/M, 300LED/M are available, DC12/24 voltage optional. Besides, 240LED/M and 120LED/M, 300LED/M are CCT strip, 


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