Foshan Lighting to transfer 8 assets, China Body Science and Technology shareholders to reduce ownership, Hunan San’an received 154 million support funds

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Yesterday (16), Foshan Lighting announced that, in order to revitalize fixed assets, improve capital operating efficiency, so as to focus resources on the main business, the company intends to dispose of eight property assets.

According to the announcement, Foshan Lighting, the transfer of property assets, including state-owned industrial land and supporting premises 2, 3 residential properties, 3 commercial properties, with a total assessed value of about 123 million yuan, will be transferred through property rights trading to public listing, the listing price is not lower than the appraisal price.

Foshan Lighting will transfer 8 property assets

It is understood that the main business of Foshan Lighting, including lighting, electrical and automotive lighting three major segments. From the composition of revenue in 2019, the proportion of revenue of LED lighting products is about 76%, the proportion of traditional lighting products is about 21%, the proportion of electrical products is 2.4%.

Automotive lighting as a high-margin application market, over the past two years for related manufacturers to bring more significant revenue contributions.

Foshan Lighting’s automotive lighting business is mainly positioned in the front market, mainly module products, but also includes a single lamp, not yet the whole lamp products; after the business currently has about 180 dealers. 2019, Foshan Lighting’s LED automotive lighting business sales revenue increased 82% year-on-year.

In addition to the main business products, this year, Foshan Lighting for epidemic prevention needs, but also launched a series of epidemic prevention and sterilization of functional new products and new health lighting products. At the same time, the company focused on the smart home lighting field.

Foshan Lighting has said that the company further strengthened the development of intelligent lighting products, and increase the promotion efforts, launched a smart new products in the market, such as intelligent read and write desk lamp. In the future, Foshan Lighting will continue to expand the segmentation field on the basis of ensuring the general lighting products.

East Huifu, a shareholder of China Sports Technology, reduced his shareholding of 1,795,200 shares to cash out about 57,500,200 yuan.

On November 16, Suzhou East Huifu Venture Capital (Limited Partnership), a shareholder of China Sports Technology, reduced 1,795,200 shares, or 1.47%, in the Shanghai Stock Exchange through competitive bidding, and did not hold any shares of the company after the change of interest.

According to the announcement, the price range was RMB 21.90-43.87 per share, and the reduction of shareholding was about RMB 57.502 million.

According to the company’s semi-annual report for the first half of 2020, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company in the first half of 2020 was RMB 34,041,414.37, down 32.19% from the same period last year.

According to the data, China Body Technology is a system solution provider mainly engaged in smart city new scenes and cultural lighting, focusing on solution planning and design, product development and manufacturing, project installation, investment, construction and operation of smart street lights in the field of urban lighting, and is committed to becoming a builder and service provider of new smart city.

Hunan San’an receives nearly 154 million yuan in industrial support funds

A few days ago, three Ann photoelectric announcement, announced wholly-owned subsidiary Hunan three Ann semiconductor limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as “Hunan three Ann”) to obtain industry support funds nearly 154 million yuan.

The announcement shows that, according to three Ann photoelectric and Changsha High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee signed the “project investment construction contract”, Changsha High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee agreed to allocate Hunan three Ann 15,372.65 million yuan, Hunan three Ann has received the money on November 13.

The business of Hunan San’an Semiconductor Co., Ltd. covers research and development, design, manufacture and service of silicon carbide and gallium nitride semiconductor power chips. The Hunan Changsha Sanan project, with a total investment of 16 billion yuan and a total area of 1,000 acres, is mainly to build a substrate (silicon carbide), epitaxy, chip and packaging production base with independent intellectual property rights, relying on the whole industry chain and large-scale production layout will make the company’s energy-saving chip products with high performance, low cost, high reliability and other market-leading competitive advantages.

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