5050 LED strip light: everything that you need to know

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You’ve probably come across LED strips with numbers on them while hunting for LED strips and wondered what those numbers meant. These figures aren’t as strange as they appear. To begin, you’ve probably seen the initials “SMD” in front of the number “5050,” which stands for surface mount devices.

The numbers after SMD, such as SMD 5050 LED strips, refer to the LED chip’s size. SMD 5050 LED strips have a width of 5.0mm and a length of 5.0mm. It’s worth noting that the chip size isn’t proportional to the light’s performance, and that this isn’t the only difference between the various sorts of strips.

What is the difference between a 5050 SMD LED strip and a 5050 SMD LED strip?

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The 5050 LED chip is 5.0mm x 5.0mm in size and is commonly used in “task illumination.” When comparing the LED 3528 and 5050 chips, we can see that the 5050 chip is three times brighter than the 3528 chip. As a result, they’re frequently utilized to provide lighting behind kitchen cabinets to help users see what they’re doing.

RGB LED strips from China are typically available in a wide range of colors, allowing consumers to select whatever color they want and alter it with a remote control.

What is the procedure for installing the 5050 LED strip light?

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Source: Pinterest

Follow these 5050 LED strip instructions carefully if you want to learn how to install 5050 LED strips.

You’ll need to connect the primary connector of your bespoke LED light to a 12V power supply for each part of the area you’re lighting with it. You can use the play connector to connect your LED strip if it isn’t long enough. Make sure the dimmer control is inserted between the 12V power source and the LED strip if you want the dimming function to work.

You can start installing the LED strip once you’ve cut it to the proper length. When installing the LED strip, make sure the light switch is turned on.

Firmly press the tap’s adhesive side against the surface to be illuminated.

Connect the driver to the back end of the connection wire, then plug the driver into a power source to turn on the light.

To install the 5050 LED strip, simply follow the instructions.

1. Attach the 5050 LED strip to the connector wire, ensuring that the red wire corresponds to the “+” sign on the tape and the black wire corresponds to the “-” symbol.

2. Remove a section of the backing strip from the sticky side by pressing firmly on the back of the connector clip.

Firmly press the tap’s adhesive side against the surface to be illuminated.

3. Connect the driver to the rear end of the connector wire.

4. Connect the driver to a power source, and the light will illuminate your environment.

What is the best way to connect 5050 light strips?

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You may need to cut and join 5050 LED strips if you’re illuminating a vast area. As a result, LED strips are advantageous since they enable you to quickly link numerous strips together in unexpected corners. LED tapes can be connected in two ways.

Clipping: A male clip is used to link two LED strips together.

Solder: Simply cut the LED strips to your desired lengths and connect the ends with solder. If you’re wondering how to cut 5050 LED strips, don’t worry; the strips have cut lines on them and can be cut with scissors.

Before purchasing LED strips, there are a few things to think about.

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Lighting has a significant impact on the appearance of any space, which is why it’s critical to select the appropriate lighting for a specific feel or environment. Simply installing bright LED strips from reputable companies can liven up a drab environment.

MSH, a leading LED strip manufacturer, is confident in its ability to assist you in finding the best LED strip for your needs. To make an informed decision, read our complete list of factors to consider before choosing LED strips.

1. Placement of light

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The location of the lights you want to place is one of the most significant elements to consider when choosing LED lights, since this will decide the sort of lights you require. If you want to add some extra lighting to your living room, 5050 LED light strips could be the answer. These little strips can be used to create an intriguing mood in your room.

Strip lighting can also be used to highlight shelves in cupboards and closets, making it easier to see what’s inside. Make sure that the light strips you choose will work properly in the location where you want them.

2. The need for brightness

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Another factor to consider is the brightness of your LED lights, as this will have a significant impact on the appearance of your site. It’s difficult to say how many watts of 5050 LED strip light you’ll need because there are so many variables to consider, such as color, lumens, and temperature.

It may take some trial and error to find the correct brightness level, but you can hire an expert to assist you obtain the right shade the first time. Strip LED lights come in a variety of brightness levels and may be modified to change the brightness level.

3. The Setup Procedure

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led strip lighting

Before you acquire any LED strips, make sure you have a good installation plan in place. While installing LED strips is a simple process, it can take a long time if you’re covering a huge area. Strips are normally installed by employing adhesive mounting clips to adhere them to the chosen surface.

You may need to install many strips for the entire project, depending on the length of the LED strips you require. Despite how straightforward the process is, you may want to consider hiring a professional to install your 5050 LED strips.

4. Total Price

24v ws2811 strip

hanging led strip lights

It’s crucial to think about the whole cost of purchasing and maintaining LED lights before making a final selection. The lights must, without a doubt, be of high quality and have a lengthy lifespan. You must also consider the additional expense of power each month, in addition to the lighting. LEDs, fortunately, do not take a lot of electricity while in use, but you can pick for more energy-efficient versions. 5.

5. Customization possibilities

dmx LED Strip

12v white dmx led strip 60leds ws2811

Strip lighting has a number of advantages, one of which is the flexibility to customize the lights. They enable the user to customize the hue and brightness of the light produced to meet their specific needs. Because different strips provide different amenities, it may be necessary to review all of the options ahead of time and choose the one that best meets your needs.

6. Electricity


led lighting

The LED lights you buy will, of course, require power to function. These lights, on the other hand, are unique in that they do not need to be hardwired into the system; instead, they just plug into a regular outlet and function. Connecting LED strips to a power source is simple, but where you choose the power source has a significant impact on the price of your purchase.

7. Several strips

SM16703 strip

led strip lights waterproof

LED strips are unique in that they can be utilized in a variety of applications. They can be utilized to create distinct personalities in your bedroom or to use brilliant lights to bring your studio to life. Multiple LED strips are used to create these unique characters and lights. Each strip is linked to the next, allowing for continuous illumination without the use of a separate power supply.

Before making a final purchase, figure out how many LED strips you’ll need to create your desired lighting.


LED strips are an excellent way to add atmosphere to any space while also illuminating dark spots. LED strips 5050 can be modified in a variety of ways and are very simple to install. You can work with a reputed and trustworthy LED strip manufacturer to get high-quality LED strips with a longer lifespan at a reasonable price.


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