WS2812B Controller

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The WS2812 PIXEL CONTROLLER is designed to control LED strips with WS2812, WS2813, or SK6812 RGB LEDs with an integrated controller (e.g. FLEX STRIP DIGITAL 30 / DIGITAL 60 / DIGITAL 144 and FLEX STRIP IP65 DIGITAL 30 / IP65 DIGITAL 60/ IP65 DIGITAL 144).

The WS2812 PIXEL CONTROLLER offers the possibility to create different effects (rainbow animation, flow animation, etc.) in a simple way or to control all pixels separately with an external DMX controller.

Delighted to introduce three kinds of WS2812b controllers at this moment.

1)The mini RGB controller

It can be operated directly on LED pixels/strips with a voltage of 5-24V and a maximum of 96 Watt. The 76 integrated programs can be selected via buttons. The speed of each pattern can also be adjusted. Another highlight of the integrated auto-mode in which all programs are played in random order.

application areas:

  •   Advertising displays
  •   Control of Christmas lights
  •   AmbiLight
  •   Club lights
  •   Stage light

2) SP108E WS2812b Controller

  • 【WiFi Remote Control.】Long distance IOS and Android App remote control via WiFi, IOS 10.0 or Android 4.4 or later edition required. Support routing connection mode (AP) and LAN connection mode (STA).
  • 【Wide Compatibility】 Support almost all the one-wire or two-wire LED driver ICs, such as WS2811,WS2815,GS8208,WS2812B, WS2801, SK6812, SK6812-RGBW, WS2813, LPD6803, LPD8806, APA102, APA107,TM1913, UCS1903, SM16703, DMX512.
  • 【Rich Color Modes】 180 kinds of multi-color dynamic modes, 8 kinds of single color modes such as meteor, breathing, wave, catch-up, stack, flash, flow, static. Color, brightness and speed are adjustable.
  • 【Capture image’s color you like】The WiFi controller features a creative from-image-to-effect function. It can capture the color of the image, create a distinctive color effect and synchronize light color with the atmosphere of your room.
  • 【User-friendly design】 Support setting pixels number and segment number, control up to 2048 pixels in total. Save user settings when power off. DC 5V~24V wide working voltage; reverse connection protection; hot swap protection

3) T-1000C WS2812B Controller

1 . 256 Gray, Gamma correction processing software 

2 . Support the rules and special-shaped handle.

3 . Controller, a port output, may bring 1024/2048 light.

4 . Off-line control, play back content stored in the SD card

5 . T-1000C stores a maximum of 16 documents

Note: T-1000C-port 512 lights, the playback speed of up to 30 frames/sec, the port more than 512

lights, the frame rate with the increase in the number of lights automatically reduced.

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