What Is WS2815 LED Strip

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WS2815 is a Signal break-point continuous transmission individually addressed led strip, one led is bad, the other led still work, ws2812 is an ordinary addressable full-color strip, one led is broken, the rest led does not work.

WS2815 IC and RGB chip integrated a 5050 package components, volume (50 * 50 * 1.6mm) 120 ° luminous angle, programmable, single-point, single control, segment a point also does not affect other lights.

WS2815 built-in IC5050 package original device, high light energy conversion rate, improve the brightness.

WS2815 color changing led strips version

white and black ws2815 programmable led light strips, 60leds/m, ws2815 led strip. It can do IP30, IP65, IP67 Rate.

ws2815 30leds/m low voltage led strip lights outdoor and indoor

WS2815 144LEDs/m dc12v led lights display and effect

ItemModule    DescriptionUnitLED Quantity 
1C-LC2000BWifi music SPI & DMX controller DC12-24V, 120*65*24(mm), 2048/CH*2CH, 0.6 kg, only Android APPpcsDC12V-24V
2C-LC1000AWiFi SPI music controller, 1024/CH, DC5-24V,  product size69*65*15mm, 40g, only Android APPPCSDC5-24V
3C-SP108EWifi SPI controller, DC5V~24V, 2048/CH, Distance is 30M, product size 85mm*45mm*22mm, 40gpcsDC5V~24V
4VSS-02-2KWifi SPI & DMX music controller, DC7-24V, 8-2048*4, size 120*70*24mm, 0.3kg.pcsDC7-24V
5M-wifiWifi  SPI music controller, DC12-24V,192W, 2048/CH, IC WS2811,UCS1903,
WS2812B,SM16703,SK6812,WS2801,LB1914,INK1003,UCS1904,Distance is 30meter,55CM*29CM*23CM, 200PCS/box, 5.7kg/box
pcs DC12-24V

Share an awesome night, Choose the best addressable led strip.

1, energy-saving, safe and stable, energy-saving production design, low-voltage 12V power supply,

2, good conductivity, heat dissipation, bending resistance, good material, using flexible FPC substrate,

3, single-point single control, breakpoint continuity, break a point does not affect other lights programmable, deformable,

4, high density of lamp beads, good brightness, WS215 chip, built-in IC,

5, can do different levels of waterproof, optional, different levels of waterproof, can be placed in different places to install,

The ws2815 color-changing led rope light can be connected indefinitely, but the low-voltage running led strip has the problem of voltage drop, according to the situation to make up the appropriate drop.

WS2815 color changing led strip lights Use range

Ultra-thin light box, lighting instructions, advertising sign lights, etc.; landscape decorative lighting, home decoration, urban lighting; crafts light source, car decoration, yacht decorative lighting, high-grade stores, shopping malls, and another indoor commercial atmosphere lighting; entertainment venues, beauty lighting, karaoke, and another atmosphere lighting; bars, KTV, cafes and other leisure places of atmospheric lighting.

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