The Ultimate Guide To Addressable LED Strip Lighting

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When you require a dynamic lighting solution, LED strips are a terrific option. They are available in a variety of colors, can be mounted practically anyplace, and require little upkeep. It will be difficult to find another lighting solution that provides as much value and style as this one.

Addressable LED strips, on the other hand, lift the bar to a whole new level. They provide extra control choices as well as unique effects to make your lighting setup even more spectacular. The issue is that you must select the appropriate addressable LED strip for your requirements.

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble making a decision. Continue reading to learn how to choose an addressable LED strip.

What Are Addressable LED Strips?


Addressable LEDs are strips with many chips that allow you to control individual or groups of LEDs at the same time, and they’re named “addressable” because of this extra feature for controlling specific areas of the strip. It enables you to apply various effects to separate portions of the LED strip at the same time or at different intervals. It’s great for showing animations and other interactive displays.

Digital strips with RGB LEDs and driver chips that allow each LED to be controlled independently are known as addressable LED strips. This implies that each LED will be self-contained and intelligent. To put it another way, each light can have its own color and brightness. As a result, you’ll be able to create spectacular, even complex effects.

Each addressable LED strip features a coding system that allows each chip’s illumination and color to be lit independently: each LED chip can light up a different color from the others. It allows you to apply different effects to different portions of the LED strip at different intervals or at the same time. It’s perfect for showing animations and other dynamic displays, as well as creating amazing lighting effects.

Benchmarking is taken to a whole new level with addressable LED strips. They provide you with more lighting effects and possibilities, such as running chases, flowing fades, and shooting star trails, among others. You may also design your lighting effects using the control system. The issue is that you must know how to select the appropriate addressable LED strip.

What are addressable LED strips and how do they work?


Addressable LED strips are made up of several components that work together. They include the following:

  • Integrated circuit chips
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • Power supply
  • Controller

Every LED has its own integrated circuit chip. The controllers used to manipulate them are also unique; they have data channels to relay commands, rather than just matching RGB pins like a typical RGB LED strip.

With this in mind, here’s how addressable LED strips function.

  • DC current passes to the LEDs when the power is turned on, causing them to light up at their preset settings.
  • To create an effect, you use the controller to send commands to the LEDs you want to control.
  • After that, the controller sends the proper signals to the LEDs’ IC chips.
  • If you enter a timed interval lighting effect, for example, the circuit chip immediately executes the instruction or stores it for timing.

Types of Individual Addressable LED Strips

Pinterest led chip

The type of integrated circuit chip (IC) used in addressable LED strips distinguishes them. This is due to the fact that the IC is essential to the strip’s operation. You may come across the following IC chip alternatives when comparing different brands.

  • WS2811 
  • WS2812 
  • WS2813

WS2811 Vs WS2812 Vs WS2813


Let’s analyze the benefits and cons of these three important options to help you make an informed selection.


This is an external chip that comes in 12V and, on rare occasions, 5V versions. Because you can get longer strip lengths and less voltage drop with 12V, it’s preferable. It also ensures color constancy throughout the strip.

Most microcontrollers used to operate addressable LED strips, on the other hand, can only withstand 5V. As a result, you’ll need a new power supply for your controller. Furthermore, due to the increased voltage requirements, this sort of addressable LED strip will consume more electricity.

This IC chip only allows you to control three LEDs per channel with each instruction, so if you need to control each LED individually, this is not the best option.

WS2812B VS WS2813

The most notable distinction between the two LED strips is their LED bypass capability. The WS2813 has a significant advantage over the WS2812B in that it operates on dual-signal cables with the signal break-point continuous transmission.

Because the WS1812B had only one data signal, a broken LED would cause the other LEDs to stop working properly. Due to the two data channels in the WS2813 LED, any pixel failure in the chain will not impair signal transmission until two adjacent LEDs are destroyed. It’s not so bad if only one of the LEDs fails. While you evaluate repairs, the remainder of the lights can continue to flicker as usual.

With this distinction in mind, the Ws2813 is regarded as more dependable and is an excellent choice for your next lighting project.

Both circuit chips are built-in using the chip integration approach.

Voltage-WS2812B or WS2813 IC-based addressable LED strips are typically 5V variants. They are energy efficient, however if you want a steady color display, you may need to inject electricity. Alternatively, you can modify them to provide higher voltages.

Controller Type-Because both ICs are defined with the same voltage and respond to digital signals, they can be controlled by the same controller.

Digital Signal Relay -The controller sends digital commands to each of these IC circuits. In a serial communication arrangement, the prompts are then conveyed to the adjacent chip.

This is a significant challenge in the WS2812B chip because when one IC fails, the circuit is broken. Hints cannot be passed from one chip to the next.

The WS2813, on the other hand, offers two channels for receiving prompts: data input and backup input. The signal can still be sent through the backup channel if the data input circuit fails, as long as no more than one LED chip dies.

Refresh Rate -The WS2813 refreshes at a faster rate than the WS2812B. This is a preferable option if you wish to display color or video in a seamless manner.

Important Considerations When Purchasing Addressable LED Strips  

led types

While the essential functioning principles of addressable LED strips are the same, their performance can be affected by a variety of design elements. It is suggested that important elements be taken into account, such as


Addressable LED strips are available in 3 voltages; 5V, 12V, or 24V. The higher the voltage, the better in theory. If you’re curious as to why the solution comes in a phenomenon known as voltage drop.

What is voltage drop?

As the strip gets longer, the voltage drop causes the LED strip to lose its intensity. The LEDs at the beginning of the strip (near the power source) will emit a bright light. However, the LEDs at the end of the strip will have a dim appearance.

 Why does voltage occur?

A wire of any length has a certain resistance. The longer the wire, the higher the resistance. The resistance causes the voltage to drop, and the voltage drop causes the LED to dim.

As a result, the LED at the strip’s end will always have a lower voltage than the LED at the start.

If you make the strip long enough, the voltage drop will become significant enough to cause a noticeable difference in brightness.

Not all addressable LEDs have a high voltage of 24 V or 12 V. The voltage drop problem can be solved by connecting both ends of the LED strip to the power supply.

As the voltage passes through the LED strip, it encounters resistance in the wiring. As a result, the voltage at the beginning of the strip is different from the voltage at the end of the strip. This may cause some parts of the light to be dimmer than others. However, even with the resistor, if the voltage is higher, there is enough leeway to power the LEDs as needed.

Not all addressable LED types are suitable for high voltage. However, That isn’t to say you can’t have fun with them. To compensate for the voltage drop, a power injection device can be installed. To compensate for the voltage shortfall, you’ll be powering the LED strip from both ends.

The Type of LED Chip


LED chips are primarily responsible for the quality of light emitted by addressable LED strips. They vary depending on the size and the colors that can be produced. Some common types include


It’s a larger chip with a 5mm by 5mm footprint that can carry up to three LEDs. It can, on the other hand, produce more color variations and stronger light. Nonetheless, it generates a lot of heat, which can lead to failure if the heat isn’t distributed evenly.


When tiny, addressable LED strips are required, this is a thinner chip that comes in useful. It is approximately 3.8 mm × 5 mm in size. You don’t have to be concerned about this LED chip’s high temperature, but it does have some limits. Because it can only contain one LED, the illumination is dim. In addition, only one color can be displayed at a time.

These two options may seem contradictory, but they simplify your decision. The SMD 3528 will suffice if your lighting requirements are straightforward. For more daring ideas, consider an addressable LED strip made with SMD 5050 LED chips.

LED Density


The number of LEDs in a meter of addressable LED strip is referred to as LED density. The question you must ask yourself at this point is how much light intensity you desire. If you want a lot of light, go for LED strips with a lot of LEDs.


If you need to be waterproof, acquire the IP67 model, which includes a sealed silicone sleeve; however, cutting them short can be a nuisance. Of course, if your project is indoors and you don’t need to be waterproof, you can choose that option as well.

Notes of the Addressable LED Strip Installation

Outdoor installations require additional protection from the elements. Exposure to water, for example, is something you should avoid. As a result, a waterproof addressable LED light bar is the best option. IP65 waterproof certification is sufficient for little water exposure such as splashes or leaks. An IP rating higher than IP67, on the other hand, will be safer for installations that may be submerged in water.

Consider the installation’s size as well. Larger installations benefit from addressable LED strips with greater voltages since they can maintain voltage over longer distances with less wire. A 12V LED strip, for example, would be the ideal combination of energy efficiency and low voltage drop.

What are the uses of the addressable LED Strips


Decorative Lighting For Decorative

Addressable LED strips can be found in a variety of venues, including KTVs, pubs, gyms, and other establishments.

Lighting for building facades

LED strips with addresses can be placed on the external walls of high-rise buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Lighting for Special Events

Christmas, concerts, and other events can benefit from addressable LED strips.

Lighting for the Home

Addressable LED strips can be used to decorate and create a festive, welcoming atmosphere in the home.

Application for Addressable LED Strip Animation


Rainbow Loop- Rainbow Loop is my personal favorite NeoPixel animation. It scrolls through the entire color spectrum while spreading it evenly across the LED strips.

Candy Pursuit – This is a short animation I made based on the NeoPixel sample code’s “Theater Chase” animation. It creates a red crawl light effect on a white backdrop to mimic active cane candy!

Snowflake – This animation simulates snowfall by generating a large number of random flashing white pixels.

Where to Buy: Addressable LED Light Strips

Each brand of addressable LED strips has its own distinct characteristics. That’s why it’s critical to find the correct addressable LED strip manufacturer. This is admittedly a difficult endeavor, but here are some essential factors to look for when purchasing.

  • Pricing – Because addressable LED strips are a cost-effective lighting option, strive to build a brand that provides good value.
  • Quality – A brand’s component quality will reveal everything you need to know about the quality of its addressable LED strips. A plus is high-quality chips, baskets, and silicone sheaths.
  • Customer Service – MSH is a brand that can provide you with all the information you need about its products. If they can provide you with sample addressable LED strips or a warranty, that’s a brand you can trust.
  • Custom Service – If you have unique installation or addressable lighting demands, your ideal brand is one that can rise to the occasion and tailor addressable LED strips to your specifications.

The addressable led strip manufacturer can be found in the following ways too.

  1. Amazon
  2. Alibaba
  3. Find the led strip factory through exhibitions or Google


I trust that after reading this post, you are familiar with addressable LED strips and know how to select an appropriate addressable LED strip.

Addressable LED strips may change your mind if you thought remote-controlled RGBWW LED strips were the pinnacle of LED strip innovation. They are simply unrivaled in terms of inventive potential. Now that you’ve learned about all of the key aspects, all you need to do is find the correct addressable LED strip manufacturer to complete your lighting project.

Please contact us as soon as possible via our website with your needs; we ship high-quality merchandise all over the world.

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