Super Ultra APA102 2020 Digital RGB Individually addressable led strip, 200/m

It is APA102C, 200leds/m, SMD 2020 mini addressable colorful led strip light.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 5 cm


IP Rate

IP20 Non-waterproof, IP65 Waterproof





Price range:$40.00 – $24.00, Stock: More than 1000 pieces

Details about Super Ultra APA102 2020 Digital RGB Individually addressable led strip, 200/m

APA102-2020 LED Chip Description: 

This version of the APA102  is an astoundingly tiny, 8-pin, 2020-sized (2x2mm) SMD LED. With an integrated control circuit embedded, the APA102-2020 is incredibly bright and colorful. If you look really closely, you can see the tiny gold chip hidden in there, along with minuscule gold wires connecting the chip to the LED.

Each APA102-2020 in this strip of 10 contains three even smaller LEDs, hence RGB (Red/Green/Blue). It is important to remember just how small these LEDs are. They can be extremely difficult to solder, so we do recommend that you have good SMD soldering skills before incorporating the APA102-2020. But, hey, that’s why we give you these in strips of 10

1) APA102-2020 SMD LED is a new type of APA102 integrated led for three channels RGB color emitting.
2) It has very little size with 2.0×2.0×0.75(mm), which has much more advantage for the smaller than 5050 led with 5.0*5.0mm. many new applications will be available for the tiny size.
3) APA102 2020 also uses the APA102 as the driver IC to control the color dimming. Also, high brightness too, for each apa102-2020 led is 0.1W.
4) It can be widely used in apa102 2020 digital RGB led strips, apa102 2020 dot star, also apa102 led pixels, and the full color led display.

2020 LED Strip

200 Pixels Individually addressable led strip video show:

apa102c led strip

Input voltage: DC5V
Max current draw: 40mA per RGB LED
IC Model: APA102
LED Qty: 200 LEDs/M
FPC width: 5mm/10mm
Length: 1 meter a roll
Beam angle: ~120°
LED Brightness: Red ~400mcd, Green ~500mcd, Blue ~150mcd
Protection rate: Non-waterproof


1. APA102 LED is a new type of smart full-color RGB built-in IC SMD, which has the data wire and the independent clock wire, it makes the signal travels pretty rapid and stable quality. Even to display these large videos with fast data transmission on the LED, it also performance smoothly and won’t be stuck.

2. High density of 200 LEDs per meter, combine the smallest size 2020SMD with the individually addressable APA102 IC, provide you the narrow 5mm digital RGB LED strips, suitable for tiny place LED lighting projects.

3. Our APA102 programmable LED lights are compatible with kinds of SPI LED controllers on the markets, offering you more choices to control the dream color LED tape light.

4. 5V low voltage, less power consumption, save energy but high bright.

5. Widely used for cabinet-led lighting, backing lighting, full color LED pixel display screen, and so on.


These digital Addressable Individually addressable led strips are Applicable to people who would like to pursue fashion and romance, for individual creativity and the new apartment decoration, as its soft, light, and thin features are very suitable for DIY personal space.

  1. LED programmable digital display
  2. Hotels decoration use
  3. Backlighting decoration
  4. Concealed lighting, Cove decoration
  5. Theaters, clubs, shopping malls lighting
  6. Architectural decorative lighting
  7. Boutique atmosphere lighting
  8. Auditorium walk stairway lighting
  9. Hidden groove, Wine cabinet decoration
  10. Villa model lighting

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No MOQ in MSH, small and large demand are welcome.

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