How To Control DMX LED Strip Lighting With DMX

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With DMX Lighting, we combine the latest design technique with cutting edge LED Technology to transform your space. We can create dramatic impact and captivate your audience in your exhibit or event space.

  • What is DMX?

Offering complete control over their lighting needs to those who use it, DMX is a digital, unidirectional protocol. It communicates via a network of shielded cables, wired in twisted pairs (see How do you wire a DMX LED control system? below).

DMX was originally implemented as a means of controlling light dimmers. But since then, its use has widened and advanced, and DMX is now used for all kinds of lighting and other special effects like fog machines and light-rig motion control, as well as complex architectural and interior lighting.

DMX is an acronym for Digital Multiplex. It is the standard digital communication protocol that is used to remotely control intelligent lighting fixtures. Originally created in 1986 the standard has continued to be used and developed as the standardised communication protocol for controlling intelligent lighting fixtures.

DMX connector

For people who wish to have permanent installations most are likely to prefer to use category-5 pin XLR pinouts cables, as they are inexpensive. This type of wire is very popular among electricians and contractors. It works very well in an installation setup, and should be housed in a conduit.

The 3-pin XLR pinouts cable has been in use for many years, and is highly reliable. Lighting companies started using this when they realised that a 3-pin cable was entirely suitable for use with DMX 512 control gear, since only three of the five pins were used.

XLR5 Pinouts and XLR3 Pinouts

  • Why choose DMX?

For many designers, artists and even architects, DMX has become the first choice for their lighting system requirements.

And for business owners and entrepreneurs who run big, customer-facing operations such as bars and restaurants, DMX is now recognised as one of the most convenient and practical options, as it allows full control of their lighting needs from a single centralized location.

DMX Lighting

For the ultimate in lighting design and control, there is no match to the flexibility provided by a DMX system. DMX-compatible light fixtures are designed to be compatible with the USITT standard DMX 512 lighting protocol in order to integrate into your existing lighting system (if you have one), or we can design a brand new DMX control system from the ground up. The end result is simple: to give you absolutely stunning lighting results with unsurpassed precision and control.

DMX systems can be very complicated, and it’s important to us that you are happy with the end result. So remember, whether you have your own DMX board/software or choose to use one of ours, be sure to…

Our DMX LED STRIP  Lighting

RGB 24V DMX Strip Light.

RGB 12V DMX Strip Light.

DMX Control

All of our LED controllers do a pretty good job with the basics. All of them let you select a color. All of them let you choose between a handful of pre-programmed animations. Some of them even let you choose and program custom colors! If you have very specific control requirements – such as a (very) specific, a custom animation pattern, or animation that require multiple zones or areas, then DMX might be what you need.

Once you have selected the unit(s) to be controlled, you can proceed to choose the color to be output by your LEDs. Some basic controllers use a rotary dial, while advanced DMX controls allow you to preselect the values that you want. After this, you can then set fading and dimming instructions for your LEDs on your controller. These instructions, along with the colors you selected before, will give you the lighting effect that you want.

Our DMX LED Controller

Ethernet-SPI/DMX Pixel light Controller

USB Madrix LED Controller

Artnet Madrix Software DMX Controller

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